Gigabyte GA-p35-ds3l Not posting fresh build

Hello, I just recently got some new parts, the GA-P35-DS3L, QX6850, and OCZ DDR2 800, 2.1v memory.
The motherboard is Rev 2. I put it all together and its not posting, no video. It starts up the cpu fan takes about 2 seconds to start spinning, then after about 5 seconds, it shuts off for about 3 seconds, then turns back on and stays on but does nothing. The Motherboard doesnt have a built in PC-speaker and I don't have one around to hook up. Now the board likes 1.8v memory, mine is stock 2.1v. But the system does the exact same thing even with no memory or video card in it. Any ideas?. I double checked all my Power connections, and unplugged all extras (front usb, extra fans, etc.)

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  1. You'll need to add a power supply and a video card. :D
    You can get a cheap speaker at your local Radio Shack for $5 or less to connect to the MB speaker connector.

    Also, OCZ RAM often has problems like this, not booting at DDR2 standard 1.8V. I'd try installing only a single stick, or finding some standard 1.8V RAM to try.
  2. Could be ram.

    Could be your forgot the 4/8 pin.

    Could be your mobo bios dont recognize the CPU without a bios update.
  3. wow, had to put a Q6600 into it to update the bios and then put my qx6850 back in and it worked, how amazing is that, after all the technology advancements you'd think the board would atleast post at underclocked settings or something, thats so lame, who actually has 2 processors kicking around.
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