xeon not clocking correctly

older dual 2.4 xeon not clocking correctly. sometimes it boots 800mhz, sometimes it boots 1.6ghz. what could this be? running xp sp3. system information and cpuz report the same frequency. this board has never been tampered with as far as clocking is concerned - just an old workhorse.

thanks for any advice!
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  1. Well I can't see any of the images but my guess is this is speedstep at work. look at CPU-Z during idle and see what speed it reports then load something like SuperPi and run it and see if your speed increases.
  2. only seeing 1 of 3 snapshots i posted, url is correct.. motherboard is a supermicro p4dc6+
  3. I still can't see the pics, I get a Forbidden message. I would go into your bios and see if you find that setting or clock speed settings and double check. I looked at your mobo's manual and I didn't see anything about speedstep so you may not have it. Most likely CPU-Z is just giving you a wrong reading.

  4. Processor 2.40 GHz

    Looks like the stock multiplier is suppose to be 24.
  5. For some reason I can't see those images in FF but if I switch to Chrome I can, kind of odd.
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