AMD phenom x4 9950 black edition 140w overclocking.


So I wan't to overclock my cpu and change memory timings , but i could have some advise. I managed to run it with 14,5x multiplier and fsb was stock 200 mhz (core speed 2900mhz). Then i tried run it with 1.4v(stock 1.3v) and multiplier 15x and it crashed all the time (core speed 3000mhz) and by the way core temp was steady 57C before crash (5 min. full load).
If anyone knows what i should do if i want to get core speed about 3.2 - 3.4 ghz then please help. And what should i do with memory timing and voltage(didnt't kingston advised 2.2v?)?

System specs:
Mobo: MSI DKA790GX Platinum AM2+
Cpu: AMD phenom x4 9950 black edition 140w
Ram: Kingston Hyper x, 4GB 1066MHz DDR2 (2x2GB Kit) 6-6-6-18-25 (according to cpu-z)
Cpu cooler: Scythe Mugen(nexus 12cm pwm fan)
Vga: Club 3d gtx 275 1792mb.
PSU: Chieftec super series 750w 14cm fan.
HDD: 2x 500gb seagate barracuda.
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  1. ypou will need to increase the voltage to the CPOU, but you are alreay at the high end of those temps, I think you wont get any more out of that CPU without it heating up too much
  2. Well, the thermal diodes on the Pheonom cores themselves are generally off so you should rely on the socket reading. They only recently got rid of this calibration error with the newest Pheonom IIs. What did you use to monitor the temps? I use Everest myself. Anyway for now lower your HT multiplier to 5x for a 1000Mhz Hyper Transport speed. Use prime 95 to stress the CPU. You will need a good CPU cooler because once it goes over 60C you start getting errors, and then further along damage. You should also lower the northbridge speed a bit for now and if it's getting too hot it will help if you drop the voltage on the northbridge (the one in the CPU that is the motherboard not the actual motherboard northbridge) one step.
  3. I have an M2N32SLI, How Do I lower the Northbridge clock? I tried lowering the cpu multiplier and fsb to 200mhz x16 but my memory clock goes down too. I can't overclock memory starting at 1066mhz I have to start at 800mhz and get up to 1060mhz by having fsb@265mhz x13.
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