ATI Radeon 1950 Overheating Quick Question

Hi guys, im not gonna noob it up completly so i just have one short question. It involves the newest version of ATItool and my always-overheating ATI 1950.

I installed ATItool and checked some of the stats... i dont know what everything means, but clearly, some of them are NOT good. see below

Temprature Of voltage regulator: 0*c
GPU current draw: 0.0A

Fan: 70%
GPU temprature: steady above 80*c while doing NOTHTING (windows xp, firefox)
temprature temp chip: 50+ at all times

So my quick question is.... Its pretty bad that the current draw is 0.0A right? I mean, it sure sounds like bad >_<.

Im guessing there might be something wrong with the connector between the aux and graph card, but im really not that great with computer hardware

Thankfull for any reply! :D
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  1. Inside of ATI Tool or RivaTuner you can adjust your GPU fan speed to spin at a certain percentage at a give temperature. I used RivaTuner until I replaced the stock heatsink/fan with a Zerotherm 810.

    P.S. Your GPU fan might be dead. Check to make sure it is spinning.
    I purchased a brand new 3850 which came with a DOA fan before.
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