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I just received a LG Blu-Ray burner which came without any software for burning. With the cost of Blu-Ray media at $5 a piece I don't want to go broke experimenting and want to know if there is a good recommendation for a reasonable burning product. I have an installed copy of Cyberlink PowerDVD including Power2Go which I use for DVD burning on a LG Blu-Ray/DVD combo drive and wondered before I try if it would work with Blu-Ray BD-R media?
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  1. http://www.imgburn.com/

    this is one of the best FREE burning software, if not THE best.
  2. is the best!
  3. I use Nero, but I have the same general problem. I need software. I have a few blu ray discs that are all single layer and I want to burn movies on them. Currently with DVDs if I have a movie that is about 5GB I use Nero Recode to take just the movie and do a slight compression of it so that it will fit onto a single layer DVD. That is what I want to do with blu ray. I bought the blu ray plugin for Nero 9, but Nero vision only imports pictures or nonsense short clips from the movie when I attempt to use it. I give imgburn a try, but I think that might be beyond its scope.
  4. Nero is from the past. Try StarBurn:
  5. power dvd runs bds smooth!
  6. Quote:
    PowerDVD w/Power2Go shouldn't give you any problems with BD-R media. P2G supports splitting for extra large files across more than one disc also.


    Get the whole picture... http:www.arcsoft.com

    Thanks very much for the reply and advice.
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