I5 - What kind of cooling system this CPU needs?

Hi, I know this CPU isn't disponible but some people on the forum told me I was better wait for this CPU which is priceless than the i7. I need to know how much money I spend in my computer and, with almost no experience in that, I can't say what's the regular fan needed for a "normal" overclocked CPU. I want to notice that I'm not a big crack or whatever, I just do it to get more for my money and, eventually, for the fun if it doesn't screw my computer ><.

Edit: What I ask is an estimation for a "good" cooler.
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  1. $70 for a good air cooler max.
  2. ^ YEp but u can get a real nice one for $30

    Core contact freezer is ranked number 2 and is only $25

  3. ^lol, true that. It's a good buy for under $30 and performs ~ the same as a $70+ TRUE
  4. Noctua HSF users get free upgrade for LGA1156

    Noctua announced the new NM-I3 SecuFirm2 mounting kit for Intel's upcoming LGA1156 Core i5 and Core i7 processors. The new mounting kit is compatible with all Noctua CPU coolers since 2005, and will be supplied free of charge after uploading a proof of purchase on the company's website.
    More at Link below.
  5. ^Sweet, thanks for the link.
  6. Re core contact freezer: Are you talking about this cooler (36 US$)? http://www.frostytech.com/articleview.cfm?articleID=2271
  7. ^Yes.
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