Raid 0 or Raptor???

I have a 320gb WD HDD, , and was wondering how would 2 of these drives do in Raid 0 compared to a single raptor 150 gb. I mainly game and watch movies on my pc . Also if I do go for the Raptor it will be one off ebay for cheap since with christmas around the corner I do not really have the cash to buy a new one(kids are expensive little brats). i'm not really to concerned about storage space(320 is good for me)...just want to boost mypc performance some...thanks
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  1. It's important to realize that there are different ways to measure disk performance, and you have to understand what they are and how they relate to the type of performance you are trying to evaluate:

    Transfer rate - how quickly a long stream of data can be moved to or from the drive. Important for copying large files or running programs that have to access large files (ie, Photoshop reading RAW picture files, video editing, etc.)

    Access Time (also known as "Latency" - how much time it takes from the time an I/O is requested until the data is delivered. Important when you need to read a LOT of files, such as when booting the system, loading applications, or running programs such as a browser which use files for caching.

    The advantage that a Raptor has over a regular hard drive is that it has significantly shorter access time, which leads to better boot / application load performance. Choose this is that's what you're looking for.

    RAID 0 won't affect access time very much, but it can give you higher transfer rates. Chose this if you're doing things that would benefit from the faster transfers.
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