My system gone?? please help to fix!!

hi everyone.

ga p35ds 3l rev 2.0 bios f9-- q9550e0-2*2 1066 dominator ram-- hd 4850-- ccf freezer sunbeam

i ve tried everything but i coulndt boot at even 3.28 ..

then i gave up.

the settings are defult now. but my pc keeped freezing ın the wındows and not operate. so then i got the battery out from board and waıted 1 hour then put ıt and boot. now everythıng ıs seem fıne. but the system freeze may occur again.

now what ıs wrong here, why the pc ıs freezıng ın every settıng ıs defult. do you thınk that my rams, board or cpu is gone??

ps: in my oc experiments i had never get the battery out and erase the bıos lıke that. maybe the problem occurs from thıs???

ps2: ın oc experıment ı trıed to oc by gıbıng every part of the pc voltzz!!
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  1. The P35 chipset had problems with native DDR2-1066 RAM, even if the SPD settings included something for DDR2. My suggestion would be to buy some decent DDR2-800 RAM that will operated on the JEDEC Standard 1.8V. My personal favorite is Mushkin, but I've also used A-Data and G.Skill.

    Edit: Although it may seem stable now, the problem will likely repeat. I tried for weeks to get some Crucial Ballistix DDR2-1066 working on that same mobo, and on my Abit IP35 Pro, both showing the same intermittent failures, even though it tested good. I ended up moving the RAM to an AMD system, where it worked fine. The P35 boards both got the DDR2-800, and have been flawless since.
  2. thank you so much for your answer. however, there was no problem at all before my oc experıments today. ı am usıng thıs pc wıth thıs confıg. for months. thanx anyway buddy.
  3. jtt283 is 100% correct about P35 and 1066 Ram.

    Some people have had success.

    Your Motherboard defaults the Ram Voltage to 1.8v. Most 1066 requires at least 2.0v-2.1v
    Look up the spec for your Ram and adjust accordingly in Bios ie: +.1, +.2, +.3 etc.
    (DDR2 OverVoltage Control)

    Here is some FYI for you:
  4. i looked at the ram voltage from the hw monitor.

    ddr2 ram voltage is what it should be. 2.8 and 2.1 it changes time to time because of speed step.

    my ram's defult voltage is 2.1v. so the problem is not there, i think.

    on the other hand, my pc keeps freezing again.

    however there is a stange thing. i didn't clos my pc last night and made a prime95 test for 6 hours to test the stability. in the morning i had a look and the test says that there is not a error or something wrong. but about ten minutes ago, when i was in the forum, i freezed again. i will be nuts...

    again i am saying that this freezing problems were never happening before my oc experiments. during the oc experiments i couldn't reach even 3.2ghz and i gave up. now, i am us,ng the computer as the defult settings. there is no oc on this computer right now. but like i said, it keeps freezing. i didn't give so much volt to the board or to a any part of the pc. but tihs problem continues.

    sometimes monitor becomes blue and its eror code is: 0X8050216B
  5. i think i fix the problem:))

    in the middle of my oc experıments ı realızed that my bıos was out of date. so ı updated my bıos from f9c to f9.

    however ı was usıng the old board drıvers. now ı updated my drıvers and the pc dıd never freezed untıll now.

    do you thınk that ı fıx the problem?

    the reson of the blue monıtor could be happenıng because of unupdated drıvers and a updated bıos???
  6. my pc have been freezing and not operating. so everytime i should reset the system. this is been happening from the time i tried to oc my pc.

    although the setting are defult in the bios now, the pc is keeping freeezing.

    someone wants to help?
  7. I already explained your problem. Get some DDR2-800 that operates on the JEDEC standard 1.8V and you will be good.
  8. again i will explain my problem so.

    thank you for the reply but i am using this moterboard with this ram for a year. there was no prblem before this week!!:)

    however the freezing problem occured after i tried a high rate oc.

    there is a problem on my board i guess. i am trying to solve it with my buddies.

    thanx bye
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