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Ok basically im thinking about buying an SSD, either the intel x25-m or the ocz vertext turbo (why is the vertex more expensive when the intel is better?)

Now, i have heard running any drive in AHCI mode is better as it enables native command queueing. My current caviar black is running in ide mode however, and moreover as im spending loaddsss for an SSD i def want that in AHCI to benefit from this.

I am willing to reinstall windows if necessary!!!!! (probably is)

---------- I am running windows 7!! ------

--------I have an AMD system-----

so basically my question is, how do i enable AHCI mode for my drives and i do i need any auxillary drivers if im on windows 7

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  1. AHCI mode is normally enabled via a BIOS configuration option.

    If you plan to use the SSD for Windows then you'll be reinstalling anyway, right? If you enable AHCI and then run the installation, Windows 7 should install with the correct drivers.
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