Crossfire 4850s

Allright im thinking about getting two 4850s and putting them in crossfire on my Rampage Formula board.

One thing that im concerned with is that the 4850s supposidly put out a ton of heat (and dont release it outside the case), and since im building a new (expensive for my budget) pc im a bit worried about it potentially damaging my rig. But im going with antec 1200 case so I was just curious do I realisitcally have anything to worry about ?

Also is dual 4850s in cf the best bet (price/performance wise) for gaming on a 24 or 25.5 inch 1920 x 1200 monitor ?

And just for comparative purposes how would a single 4870 compare/hold up to the 4850s at those resolutions ?

Also whats a reliable brand other than visiontek ? Apparently visiontek doesnt offer any rebate/sale price so it would cost me almost 60$ more to go with visiontek instead of one of its alternatives.

Sorry if this is a bit long, but any input is greatly appreciated
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  1. (I just noticed Asus offers a 3year warranty on theirs as well so as of right now im leaning towards their 4850.)
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