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I recently built a new system and installed Win 7 Home Pro. The install was relatively quick and painless, however, I've got a little problem. Every time I power up the machine Windows begins to start but then stalls at a blank black screen. My keyboard and mouse are powerless although there still seems to be HDD activity. I've let it sit for some time with no resolution and so I hit restart. Restart take me to the "Windows did not close properly screen where I get to choose from various start up modes (safe / normal). I always choose "normal" and the machine boots up just fine and, here's the kicker, if I restart the machine Windows continues to boot up fine. It's only after the machines been powered down to a boot to this black screen. So...where do I start trouble shooting this? Any ideas?
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  2. I'll check that out. Thank you.
  3. Had exact same thing with a new Athlon II x4 motherboard.

    Tried all sorts over a 2 week period. Changed the network card, video card, re-installed software, updated drivers, looked for the fault in event viewer. System seemed to be working fine.

    Last resort: I changed the PSU power supply. Hey presto, system boots like lightening. Put in the old power supply to test it and system goes back to hugely slow.

    What seems to be happening is the new motherboard is draining power causing the voltage to drop. It was stopping the network initializing and causing the video card to be slow booting up. With the old power supply, once it had been running for 5 minutes and got warm it seemed to stabilize and the system worked normally. But after a reset the CPU and peripherals the supply is under heavy load causing the devices not to operate properly
  4. well can anybody help me?? the problem with my pc it´s similar, the thing is that a cant go to a restore poit because its poitless, it´s just blue intead of black, when i use a guest account works just fine, I had check for malware and now it´s clean, I emptied the virus vault and it´s still the same, Every time I log on my administrative account(main acount all there is, is a bright blue screen with no icons, taskbar or anything... other users seem to be ok, it just the main account that its giving me this problem, please help and thank you very much for your attention.
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