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Hey guys, I have this weird problem with windows 8. When I had windows 7, I had no problems with my wifi on my desktop. I installed Windows 8 and now my computer is really slow to connect to the wifi. When it does connect, there are no problems, but it takes 5-10 minutes to even detect a connection. I have tried updating my drivers and disabling ipv6 and resetting ipv6 and ipv4, but the problem persists. Can anyone help me out?
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  1. sounds like a driver issue. what type of wife do you have and what drivers are you using
  2. I have been having connection issues using hardline to my DIR-655 router. I've bypassed the router and issues seem to disappear. I would suggest trying a hard line to your router, then also bypassing the router and check your results. I am thinking that Win 8 has issues with routers.

    Side note, all my other devices have no issue with the wireless or hard line to the DIR-655
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