e8400 VID question. 1.25 high?

Hi guys.

I just got my e8400 C0 from Newegg.

Batch Q815.

On the box it says vID 1.25v.

I've seen some boxes with 1.225v.

Is higher.. worse?

I've done some reading but I can't figure out if the VID is the mininum voltage to make it run at 3.0ghz stable or if it's actually the maximum voltage for this particular batch.

If it is the minimum... does that mean (in theory) that I'll need more voltage than another CPU with VID 1.1225 to reach the same clock speed if I OC it?


edit: It says 1.25v MAX on the box. Yet to check it with Coretemp.
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  1. The only way as far as I know to tell what VID a CPU has is to physically install it and use a prog like coretemp to tell you the VID. My E8400 has a VID of 1.225 and tbh is a bit of a lemon. I believe you can get some chip with the VID down as low as 1.1.

    Te lower the VID the higher overclocking potential the CPU will have. The VID is Voltage Identification Digital and means the lowest voltage it can maintain it's default clock speed stably.
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