Tuniq TX-2 Thermal Paste vs AS5, anyone like?

I got a free tube of this with my CCF, and of course it being free I was like this must be poop.

But it said "high performance" so I did a little research and read some reviews. Most of the testers seem to like it, the temps are very good, and the curing time is 150 hours less than AS5. Plus its non conductive and easier to spread.

I have tubes of both, wonder which to use or even if it matters.
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  1. Yeah, most TIM's that are included with the HSF are garbage, but since the HSF maker is Sunbeamtech, of which Tuniq is a subsidiary, they throw in the Tuniq thermal paste, which is a very nice paste from every single review I have read. I would use the TX-2 since it's non-conductive and has a very small curing time, and it usually is on par with AS5, if not better.
  2. Quote:
    Its a myth that AS5 is the best. I think its just fanboyism.

    Agreed, though when AS5 first came on the scene years ago this was not the case. I think its fame has simply outlasted its dominance.
  3. Normally yes the included TIM with a HSF is garbage, but the Tuniq TX-2 is good stuff. AS5 is also good stuff, but it does have a lot of hype behind it.

    I also use the Sunbeam CCC with the provided Tuniq TIM and it works remarkably well. Just make sure you apply it right and it will work just fine for you.
  4. I'm getting some IC 24s to test today (if the Canadian distributor shows up lol), will report how that goes cuz the theory behind it is sound
  5. Read the link I provided, there is better. AS5 is showing it's age.
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