Computer stopped loading, Det DRAM message

I came home from and my computer was just black on the monitor. I tried turning it on and off and tried putting the monitor cable in another socket, also tried another monitor but it stays black.

On my LCD poster i have the message "DET DRAM". I assume it means detect random access memory but i have no idea how to fix it. What problems can cause this? If my graphics card was broken, would my screen stay black like this?
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  1. I am using Asus maxiumus forumula X38 and 4x1GB corsair memory. From what i have read about this problem, there is supose to be some button on the motherboard to clear the CMOS or something? Is this safe to do, could this fix it?
  2. Clearing the CMOS might help and all that will do will re-set the defaults for the current bios you have loaded - e.g. if you were changing you multiplier and it screwed up your system then re-setting the CMOS woud allow the PC to post again. In my experience, resetting the CMOS involved moving a jumper from one set of pins to another set of pins and then back again.

    Can you access your bios? Usually in cases like this, you want to strip your PC down to a more minimal configuration and add things back in until you can get the machine stable. For example, pull out all your RAM except 1 GB and, if you have added a video card you should remove that as well - reset your CMOS and see if you can get the system to post / Load Windows. Assuming it works, put the video card back in and set the added in video card as primary in the bios, etc... I would then add the rest of your RAM in one stick at a time to see if you have a bad stick.

    Hopefully thins might help.
  3. Thanks for help but im confused on how to reset the CMOS. On the Asus maximus forumla is there a button i can just press? How exactly would i do it on this MB?
  4. dude, you have a a+ motherboard, you should read through the manual and learn a little about it

    the clr cmos is on the back of your motherboard, its a square button... should reset all overclocks to stock

    if it was your video card causing the problem, the lcd poster would get stuck on vga bios.... the problem is with your ram

    after clearing the cmos, if it doesn't help, try booting wiht one stick of ram...try each stick seperately
  5. Turned the computer off. Pressed the clr cmos button. Turned it back on and still the same problem. Is my only option now taking all the RAM sticks out and trying? Should i clear the cmos everytime?
  6. This is strange, i took all the RAM out and put all the same RAM back in straight after and my PC worked. Why did it start working just because i took the RAM out and in again?
  7. Not seated properly, dust, underpants gnomes.
  8. i appear to be having the same problems and guess what its an x38 maximus formula lol ive tried all the things mentioned already bar taking out the graphics card as there is no on board graphics so it wouldnt boot without it. im getting this problem as my electric ran out with the pc on and it did exacly this last time on booting i would get no signal on my monitor last time i played about with it a bit and eventually got it running again and got a message it had recovered from an overclock and i had to go into the bios and reset defaults when i dont overclock my pc.

    so this time its happened and ive tried resetting my cmos several times externally ive tried 1 stick of ram etc in different slots etc but it still wont boot post or give an av signal via the vga ill try taking out my graphics and re installing it but i dont see what this will achieve as the problem was caused and symptoms are exacly the same as last time yet last time it booted without doing any of this so not seated properly dust gnomes etc become irelevant this is likely something more fundamental with the mainboard i recon, this is certainly the last asus board i will be buying i got rid of my striker extreme as it was tempremental as well and prone to overheating and to boot asus coustomer support is non exhistant any recommendations on a good board manufacturer gigabyte abit asrock?
  9. On my Asus Rampage Formula motherboard, I solved the problem simply by moving the two memory stick on two other locations free.
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