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I am going to upgrade my system, but need to keep prices down and still have good parts. I am planning on either an E7400 or E8500 CPU, and I only plan on having 1 HD4850 video card so I do not need a board with 2 PCIe 2.0 slots.

So I have narrowed down my motherboard choices to 2:

MSI P45 Neo3-FR
Gigabyte GA-P45-UD3R

I was going to get the MSI untill I found the Gigabyte, I plan on some overclocking but nothing major as I plan on air cooling not liquid.

Any pro's/con's for one board over another? or any other board suggestion in the price range of these 2? (110 USD at
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  1. GIGABYTE i love their boards they are very stable. it will be perfect for your needs
  2. You don't have to limit yourself to boards with only one PCI-E 16x slot. The HD4850 offers very good performance at a remarkably low price, so it will be a good decision to get another HD4850 in the future. With both cards in Crossfire, you can maintain your edge over the more demanding games & high resolution gaming of the near future.

    I'm also looking for a P45 mobo and at the moment, have narrowed down my search to Asus's P5Q Deluxe, P5Q-E, and Gigabyte's UD3P. All three boards have proved to be popular and achieved good reviews with websites and users. Aside from the P5Q Deluxe being rather expensive, you should really consider these boards.
  3. Also, if your budget is tight look at P43 boards. There are only two differences between the chipsets:

    -Support for DDR3, which most P45 boards don't use anyway.
    -Support for a second PCI-E slot.

    Having said that, the Gigabyte board is an excellent choice.
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