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Hi gang, read a few threads on mounting a 2.5 inch ssd drive in a 3.5 bay

I have a 2.5 SSD drive for my new pc build. I have a lian li case which requires special antivibrational screws and they need to be in exact locations on the drive. I have seen a few adapter kits and rails but I worry that the screw holes needed for the case don't fit the rails.. I have read quite a few problems with this.

So here's my idea- tell me if its great, or horribly stupid!

Can I take four tiny pieces of puffy double sided tape, put one tiny piece in each corner of the bottom of the drive, and gently attach the drive to the bottom of the pc case? there would great airflow over the top, and so-so airflow underneath (because of the puffy tape). I was thinking that because there's no moving parts in a ssd drive, the only real issue is airflow. Maybe I should actually not use tape and let the drive actually touch the bottom of the case- the case is all aluminum so the heat from the ssd could get 'wicked away' better if they're touching?

Plus, if I do this, I can spare a drive bay for another 2tb behemoth!

Confession time- i'm actually doing this right now with a WD Green drive in my older, smaller pc case (because I ran out of bays), and have been running for 6 months with no problems whatsoever... so I am thinking of trying it with the ssd drive.

All opinions welcomed? Anyone actually try this?
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    Hahaha, you let your ssd dangle by rope for all it has no moving parts you can absolutly do whatever you want with it which includes playing baseball (<just kidding dont try that). On a serious note, you can easily tape it anywhere in the case, and it doesn't need much cooling, unlike hard drives it consumes much less power, makes much less heat, and take much more hits.
  2. that's great info, thanks. that's definitely what I was hoping to hear, but I wasn't sure about cooling requirements.
  3. An SSD doesn't need nearly as much cooling as a HDD, moreover it runs cooler anyway and produces a less quanitity of heat so even a slight airflow is more then enough.
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