Best air cooler for an i7 920 (under $100?)

Hey, so I'm building a new i7 system soon and I, of course, want some really good cooling.

The 2 things I've been looking at are a TRUE with a push/pull fan setup, and the Cooler Master v10.

I'm really leaning towards the TRUE so far, however I don't know how complicated it'll be to set up the fans on that.

So, which of these should I get, or any other suggestions for the best air cooling for under $100? I don't want to do any lapping, modding and what have you. I just want to hook everything up and let it go.

Thanks everyone.
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  1. Setting up two fans on TRUE is a issues whatsoever..
    However look at the Prolimatech's Megahalems or the Thermalright's IFX-14..Both are top notch coolers if you insist on air cooling..Otherwise the cooler suggested above would do!

    Ive also got a Scythe Infinity keeping a Q6600 ( 3.35GHz ) at 27C idle, 50C prime. But the cooler master is what ive wanted for awhile.

    Ignore the idiot who failed to mount his HSF properly. The guy near the bottom has an i7 920 at 4GHz at 25C idle, 43C load.
  3. Quote:
    Could always look at cheap water. Had a Coolit Domino on a 4.2Ghz I7 with ZERO issues. 40C idle's, 50C load's. It's really a great product. Just install it and never worry.

    First time I've seen that. Very tempting for my new build. Does it really work that well? What cases would it fit into? Is there a higher end version that works better?

    I've been wanting to water cool but was worried about the cost and complexity. This looks like a good option. The review liked it as well.

    Any one else used it?
  4. While I appreciate the responses guys, it hasn't exactly helped at all. It's just adding to the confusion.

    First off, I asked for air, and the first response I get is to try a liquid cooling, which I'm just not going to do. I don't have any experience setting any of that up, don't want to deal with the upkeep, and water and computers just don't mix. I'm the guy that has a telephone pole fall down in his backyard, and a live wire set the yard on fire (yes, that really happened) I'm not going to test my luck with liquid cooling.

    Another person said TRUE with fans is easy to set up, which is nice to know, thanks for that. However, they go on to post some suggestions, which are confusing on many levels. First of all, why are you suggesting more than one product? I don't to see a bunch of names then go look them all up, I could've done that on my own. Second, the products you're suggesting (because I did look them up) everywhere I look perform WORSE than the TRUE. What I want is "the absolute best air CPU cooling product for $100 or less" not "some cooler for $100 or less that's also pretty decent"

    I don't want to sound like I don't appreciate you all taking the time to respond, but maybe I just wasn't clear enough with what I wanted. What I would like is something like "Buy X cooler over the TRUE, it out performs it and is only X price (under $100) here is a link showing you it out performs it <link>"
  5. I've seen a lot of people recommend the Xigmatek Dark Knight cooler for the i7.

    It's cheap and performs well.
  6. check out this review:

    the Megahalem goes for ~$65 on various etailers like
  7. Quote:
    Could always look at cheap water. Had a Coolit Domino on a 4.2Ghz I7 with ZERO issues. 40C idle's, 50C load's. It's really a great product. Just install it and never worry.

    Um, looking at your screenshot, it's idling at 45C and hit 64C running super pi, which only uses 1 core for 10 seconds. Prime95 or Intel Burn Test surely would get it much hotter. Cheap water cooling is typically worse than good air cooling.

    edit: In this review, it doesn't perform very well.
  8. +1 to orangegator
  9. TexasRattleSnake said:
    check out this review:

    the Megahalem goes for ~$65 on various etailers like

    That looks REALLY nice, and a good price too. I think that's what I'll end up getting. I'm definitely going to get some fans to go with it, but I have a couple questions.

    1) Should I get 2 fans and run a push/pull set up, or just a single fan? Spending the extra 10 bucks on another fan isn't a problem, I would easily pay that for extra cooling, I'm just not sure if there's some kind of crazy issue with 2 fans.

    2) Which fans would you suggest? I'm thinking of getting these decent CFM and low noise, the LED is a plus but I don't really care that much about that. Also looking at which is more CFM, but a lot more noisy. Any suggestions on good fans, high CFM low noise?
  10. ^

    1. Try with one fan, if not enough cooling add in a 2nd fan.

    2. Go with the Slipstream. I use the EXACT same one on my WCing loop and the S1283. Dropped my temps by 6-7C on the S1283 compared to the stock S1283 fan.
    Here's the pic of it mounted on a heatercore:

    (My personal pic)
  11. Here's a buyer's guide:

    My advice though is that if you want trouble free, high-tech cooling, go with a hybrid-peltier. Last I checked, it was ~$120:

    since it doesn't use a traditional radiator, fan size is not as much of an issue as traditional water cooling. Also, you can achieve sub-ambient temperatures like air conditioning without the condensation issues.
  12. ^ LOL! Good luck going below ambient with one of those CoolIt systems.
  13. Here's a review you should read:,2370.html

    It shows performance of some traditional air coolers vs sealed liquid coolers. It also points to other reviews that will help you gauge performance. Here's the conclusion:

    "Anyone who really needs the added cooling of Rosewill’s FORT120 under peak loads can try to adjust their motherboard’s automatic fan control to minimize its noise output most of the time. Those who can live with slightly higher temperatures will find a better price on the always-quiet Cogage True Spirit."

    Note, no mention of the Corsair or Coolit sealed liquid coolers.
  14. mcnuggetofdeath said:

    Ignore the idiot who failed to mount his HSF properly. The guy near the bottom has an i7 920 at 4GHz at 25C idle, 43C load.

    Yeh, and I guess he reports that at 26C ambient, right? I don't see how anyone can repeat such obvious absurdities.
  15. Here is a link to the Thermalright 1366 True and the extra fan bracket. I am currently using the Dual (Push/Pull) fan option on my Core i7 and am running it at 3.8ghz around 30 degree celius @ idle and 38 - 40c while gaming. But I have it set up for now on a Test Station Bench.
    Thermalright Ultra120 eXtreme-1366 RT Premium Heatpipe Cooler for Intel LGA1366 $74.95

    Thermalright Ultra120 Series Fan holder $5.99

    Also you will need another fan for it, these are what I went with, but you can also get the Thermalright 1600 rpm one also.
    Yate Loon 120mm High Speed Silent Case Fan - D12SH-12 - Sleeved $6.95 ea. and I got a pair of them.

    Thermalright Whisper Quiet FDB 120mm Case Fan - Medium High Speed 1600 RPM - Sleeved $14.99
  16. Quote:
    Those were the only screenshots i had saved at the time. Wasn't bad for a near 80 degree ambient. Doesn't matter what a review says when i have actual personal experience.

    As for the op. It's a sealed system. You don't exactly have to be a rocket scientist to install it. :lol:

    Excuses are like... well, you know the rest. How about posting current screenshots of temperatures with prime95 small ffts running? Otherwise, I'm calling bs.
  17. Quote:
    That rig is gone. :lol: Stuck with a laptop till tomorrow :)

    I've tried your cooler, it's pretty good.

    Not as good as a high-end air cooler however.
  18. Here is a good review of the Coolit Domino ALC:
  19. Shadow703793 said:
    Here is a good review of the Coolit Domino ALC:

    Here is a Review done by Tom's: CoolIT Vs. Cogage: Little Water And Big Air Compared,2290.html
  20. &Both say pretty much the same thing, your point?
  21. Shadow703793 said:
    &Both say pretty much the same thing, your point?

    I think he's trying to be patriotic :)
  22. I'm in the same place; trying to pick a sub$100 cooler for a i7 920. My short list is this:
    1. (air) Cooler Master Hyper 212+ $30 [super easy install, excellent ratings, terrific price/performance]
    2. (tec) Cooler Master v10 $102-110 [very impressive results, tec coolers are sexy]
    Originally was also considering these:
    (air) Prolima Megahalems $85 (plus two fans) [monstrously huge, painful installation, great cooling, but only a few degrees (at most) better than the hyper 212+]
    (closed loop water) CoolIT Domino ALC $65 (at [performance worse than hyper 212+, really wishing they would release a second gen of this that had more thermistor configurability] has nicely tested reviews of these coolers...
    (air) the TRUE has been around for awhile now, look into the others for comparison performance.

    other notes: change your rear fan so that it draws air in, not pushes air out. air out is most efficient thru a top case vent. unless you are planning to try to overclock quite a bit (3.7-4.0ghz on your i7 920), anything more than the $30 hyper 212+ is a waste of $ -- or at least a waste of $/performance...
  23. Deleted. Sorry.
  24. rkaye - This thread is from last month but that's okay.

    Last year I did a Coolermaster HAF 932 case mod. I installed the CM Hyper 212. Installation was easy. Cooling was excellent.

    For my personal pc I still use my original Tharmalright Ultra 120.
  26. Shadow703793 said:

    But there doesn't need to be a new thread to add relevant data?,2401.html

    New analysis
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