Did I get a good deal for HTPC?

I was looking for budget HTPC..
One deal on ebay seemed very good.. and I won that..
Total cost $271 + s/h $35 = 306

PC case: Antec P180 Silver
Power Supply: Antec 350W Model: SP-350
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H 780G HDMI Micro ATX
Processor: AMD Athlon X2 Black Edition 2400 Brisbane 2.3GHz
Memory: 1GB OCZ Special Ops Edition
Storage: Seagate Barracuda 320Gb 7200 RPM IDE Model # ST303204N1A1A-RK
DVD Drive: Samsung 22x Dual Layer DVD Burner SATA

Did I get a good deal?
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  1. What all did you get?

    Did you get:

    - a graphics card (or just the integrated graphics)
    - operating system
    - TV turner card
    - remote or input device

  2. You got what you paid for. As long as your happy what the hay. I wouldn't really call it a HTPC. Just because it is in a HTPC case doesn't make it one.

    It will be fine for general use and watching DVD or Divx.
  3. There is no additional graphic card .. just on board system..
    No operating system.. I have one..
    No TV tuner card.. Do I need one? cuz.. I have cabel TV service.. and HT system..
    No remote.. I bought Logitech diNovo.. seperately..

    My goal was to get a nice pc that I can watch movies and TV shows on the internet, provided by NBC and ABC and so on.. and movies in my hard drives.

    I hope the pc will serve for my use..

    I was wondering if paid too much... or if i can get better deals or build a better system with the same amount of money..
  4. For an htpc, what you got was just fine. The igp can decode Bluray and you won't have any problems watching channels and movies in HD. With everything thats included in the system, the price is decent.
  5. You don't need a TV Turner card unless you want to run your television service through your TV.

    If you just want to watch movies, stuff off your hard drive, and online stuff than you got exactly what you need.
  6. To record TV, you do need a tv card.

    The system should be fine for watching DVD's and other video.

    To get PVR functionality all you need is a tv tuner and IR blaster(like the one included with the Microsoft MCE 2005 remote kit) to control your cable box.

    Software wise you can use MCE or a linux equivalent.

    With the onboard video you have even blueray playback is more then possible with the right drive and software.

    That said, my SD PVR/HTPC system is just an a64 3200+(undervolted), K8V SE, WinTV PVR 250,Geforce4 Ti4200,1gig of memory and 1 120gig drive and dual 500's for storage. The system runs XP MCE 2005.
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