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Hi all, my name is Mark and I am somewhat new to building computers. I need some advice. I have a custom built pc that started out with the following internals:

mobo - asus p5n32-sli premium
cpu - intel p4 3.0ghz
video - geforce 7950gt 512mb
memory - 2x1gb corsair twinx ddr2 pc5400 xms2
hdd - 2x250gb wd sata 7200 run in raid 0 stripe
ps - ultra x-finity 600 watt
removable - 9in1 card reader
optical - sony 16x dvd-/+/r/rw dual layer drive

I then changed some things because I wanted blu-ray. Here is the setup now:

mobo - as above
cpu - as above
video - geforce 9800 gx2
memory - 4x1gb corsair twinx ddr2 pc5400 xms2
hdd - 2x250gb wd sata 7200 no more raid, as well as 1x500gb wd sata 7200
ps - thermaltake toughpower 850watt
removable - as above
optical - as above, as well as lg bd/dvd-rw ggc-h20l

Now that you know what I am working with, I pose my dilema. I have a q9450 laying around the house and wouldn't mind swapping it with the p4-3 however I can't because the mobo won't support it. Do I leave the comp the way it is and sell the q9450? or do I find a mobo that will work with my current setup and still support the cpu? or do they even exist? I have been browsing threads and the only thing I can pull up about the q9450 and supported mobos is dated back before it even came out. Any help is greatly appreciated
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  1. It all depends on your specific wants and needs. Not sure what you mean by " they even exist?" There are plenty of good MBs out there that will support your q9450; I'd get one based on an Intel chipset, as they are more robust and have fewer problems/issues than nVidia-chipset-based MBs. Remember that you will have to reinstall Windows on your "new" system so it knows about all the changed hardware.
  2. any goood P35 board will work fine friend.
  3. I just wasn't sure if the mobos that support the new q9450 would also support the older ddr2. I looked up my memory and the bus is only 667 and I only found 1 mobo on newegg that supports that...and I'd rather not buy new memory, but I suppose I might consider it.

    So am I going to have to reinstall windows regardless of going with a new intel or nvidia chipset? or just if I go intel??

    I am not a power gamer, but I do like to play flight sim x and other games (bf2, company of heroes, etc.). What I do most often is watch blu ray (I can't do to much extra on the computer while watching it otherwise it gets choppy) and video editing.

    Thanks for the help.
  4. yer u have to install windows
  5. I guess what I'm wondering is if the q9450 is worth the trouble of finding a good mobo considering what I use my pc for mostly?
  6. Yes, it will help having 4 cores, each more powerful than your current single core. You should be able to watch BluRay AND do other stuff at the same time. It'll probably speed up your gaming in scenes with lots of objects and detail.

    To clear up your memory confusion, the MB specs are just listed as the *fastest* memory it will run, so if a MB is listed as DDR2-1066, it will run DDR2-800, DDR2-533, etc just fine. Any DDR2 MB you find on newegg will run your current RAM.
  7. Thanks for explaining that.

    I started to narrow down the mobo selection and have made it down to 3...

    1st is the ASUS Rampage Formula - $205
    2nd is the ASUS P5K Deluxe - $200
    3rd is the DFI LANPARTY DK P35-T2RS LGA - $140

    Others I was looking at:
    ASROCK P43Twins1600 LGA - $80
    ASUS P5E LGA - $200
    ASUS P5E-VM HDMI LGA - $125
    BIOSTAR TPower I45 LGA - $160

    I run optical audio out through my home theater, so I don't NEED any fancy onboard audio. I don't plan on running SLI any time soon. The only PCI slot I use is for the 9800 gx2, and don't plan on needing any other slots (unless the board I get doesn't have built in wireless or optical audio out).

    Thanks a lot for all of the help so far.
  8. take alook at this board, you'll save some money and it should give you all the features you've said your looking for
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