GFX suggestions & a problem..

Ok my mates after a gfx card, could someone give me the best card to go with his system,

OS = Windows XP
Motherboard = GA-MA69VM-S2
CPU = AMD Athlon 5000 X2
Memory = OCZ PC2 6400 2x1gig
PSU = COLORSit 600Watt

I had given my friend my old 8800 GTS 320mb but for reason unknown it wouldn't work, monitor wouldn't come on when I had it slotted in (made sure bios has PCI-E enabled) ,also I noticed when I powered up all the fans came on straight away, but the gfx one took a few seconds to fire? so eventually had to boot up using the onboard xpress 1200 which of course is pants..
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  1. what resolution do u game on.........
    below 1200x1024- go for 8800GT
    bellow 1600x1200- go for 4850
    bellow 1920x1200- 4870
    above 1920x1200- 4870x2

    and as for the problem u mentioned, i thing its bcoz of a bad PSU......
  2. Reso will be 1680x1050
    Budget about £150

    So perhaps a better PSU & the 8800gts might be fine, as wouldn't the 4850 etc suffer the same problems if it's the psu at fault?
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