How to set my fan control in bios

hey everyone i want to know how to set my cpu smart fan control in bios, as it can be auto, voltage, pwm, and what is pwm, what i want to do is i use speedfan to bring the speed of the fan down to 50% as i still get pretty much the same results as with 100% but alot quieter and when i restart my pc the cpu fan always starts on full and i have to go into speed fan and change it everytime, is there a way to make it fixed so its always on 50%, right now i put it on auto as its not on full always but then i go into speed fan and change it there but that gets annoying to do everytime. What can i do about that?
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  1. Get a fan controller....

    If your CPU is too loud at 100% then it would be a hassle to go into bios EVERY time you get annoyed by the sound... With a fan controller you can lower or raise the fanspeed on-the-fly and this way your life should be much easier.....
  2. so do i disable the cpu smart fan thing?

    and can speedfan do anything about it, can i set it at 50% and save it because everytime i go into speed fan its at 100% hmm yeah i think ill just go with a speed controller thing, and do they have to be 4 pins to connect to the fan controller or can i regulate a 3 pin also? and how much does one cost?
  3. oh and where do i place them in the case, as i dont have a floppy drive space only the dvd slots, and arent they to big?
  4. DVD slots are 5.25, normally all fan controllers go in that area but this can be used as well :

    ZALMAN FAN MATE 2 Fan Controller - Retail


    Sunbeam RHK-BA Rheobus 5.25" Bay 4 Channel 20W Fan Controller
  5. now can a 3 pin fan be regulated also or only 4pin like the cpu fan?
  6. yes,

    all you need is an adapter.... private message me if you want the instructions on how to do it....
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