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I bought a corsair P128 for my gateway T-1628 and for some reason its not working for my laptop. It keeps on giving me a black screen with white blinking _ and does nothing else. Bios recognized the drive and the capacity but doesn't boot when I insert windows xp, vista, and wins 7 cd. I flashed the bios with the latest bios update also.

I insert my ssd to my friend laptop, brother laptop, and my own desktop and it boots right away without any problems.

I've tried to format with HDDeraser and still not working; clone the os with acronis and still not working. Tried with different hdd managing utility but none of it works.

The real question is if I purchase another ssd from either intel, ocz, and other ssd company, do you think it will work with my laptop? or is my laptop is doom forever from using ssd.

My laptop is SATA 1.5 Gbit/s and the ssd has 220 read/ 200 write. Do you think this ssd will even saturate the the current 1.5 Gbit/s transfer speed?
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  1. Heck yes it will saturate. 1.5Gbit is only 150MB/s.

    As for why it isn't working, make sure you are selecting the boot device properly for it to boot off CD.
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