Thermaltake Ultra Extreme + 2x Delta 252 CFM vs stock CM V8.

I was just wondering...
A Thermaltake Ultra 120 Extreme

(same as the Thermal Take Ultra 120, but more heatpipes) with two Delta 120mm PFB1212UHE-F00 at 252CFM a peice and a good intake/exhaust for the case

(coincidently, 66.5 DBa a peice, and require a 4 pin molex connection directly to your PSU at about 45Watts of power needed each) on a push/pull system, professionally lapped with a high grade thermal paste, how would it compare to a stock Coolermaster V8 without lapping (thogh I've heard it's not really needed on the V8) with its included fan and thermal paste.

All on a i7 system. What kind of temps do you think each would reach running a i7 920 D0 at a decent voltage at 4.0GHz.

I know a single one of those fans is unbearable for noise, and two would be horrid, but I want to know regardless.
I also realize this is likely the deffinition of too much time and money (which, coincidently, I don't have much of either).

I just ordered a i7 920 from Newegg (and even though requested, they couldn't ensure a D0 over a C0). I also ordered a CoolerMaster V8 (and will be using the included thermal paste for now, assuming they finally stop rerouting the shipment).
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  1. Any chance someone with about $150 (to buy the thermal paste, two fans, and the radiator, and possibly lapping supplies) is willing to test this and try to force Toms to do a report on it? =D

    I may do it myself soon (though not now, since my brother/roomate lost his job, and I don't know if I can spare the cash, or deal with the noise).
  2. haha, dude i have those fans. I tell you do NOT use them. Mine are so loud you can hear my pc on the second floor on my house. OK back to your issue, the fan will not help you go below your ambient temps. i had 3x delta 250cfm fans with my watercooling kit and the temps were SAME as they were with a 110cfm delta fans. If you really want a fan that will blow little cats and dogs with less noise compared to the delta look at nidec beta V rated @ 400cfm, its 176mm and can be modded to be used in many cases. I have done that in the past lol, they also use less power..... :pt1cable: A piece of advice use fan guards. I was using thing fan without fan guards back in 2007, mistakenly i put my hand in the cut my hand pretty bad and deep, i had to go and get stiches.....the fan was spinning so fast that when i put my hand in there the fan blades tore off and the motor kept on spinning.....they are brutal.
  3. I'm sure if you Googled a few 1366 cooler reviews you'd see that the V8 is nothing special and actually underperforms on high OCs.

    The 120 extreme/TRUE with some Scythe Kamas will piss all over the V8. If you're looking at the 120 extreme/TRUE hold off for a few more days as the revision C models are coming out and from what little info is out there it appears Thermalright have sorted their bases out.
  4. Thank goodness someone has done the work. You can find some info here.
    Every cooler goes into different cases, there are billions of fan types etc. What your resultant temps would be is a guess. Your ambient temps, case, fans, your TIM paste, your ability to mount it right, your CPU chip and how much voltage you need all comes into play.

    So read up, learn what is best for your needs and buy it.
  5. @ freezed1
    This likely would only be used for a couple days. It's just for fun. That 176mm fan has one problem, the Thermaltake 120 fits 120mm fans, and it's not a beatly case fan I'm looking for, but thanks anyways.

    @ lePhuronn
    I got the Coolermaster V8 largely because it's still a decent cooler, and I like the look. Appearance does matter (as I will likely always have the side of the case off).
    Thanks for informing me on the new revision of the cooler. I have heard about Scythe's line of fans, and a good CFM/DBa ratio is not what I'm looking for.

    @ Conumdrum
    Intersting site, thank you for the link. However, I already purchased the CoolerMaster V8, and I am only looking for a side project.
    Too bad it seems that I can't find anyone with a Delta 252 CFM fan (or two fo them) on a Thermaltake 120 Ultra...

    Sorry, but no one actually did give a helpful answer...
  6. Dude, those Delta fans are LOUDE. I've used them in the past and then switched to the Scythe Slipstream and the KAZE now. Not many use these fans due to the noise and availability (ie. no big eteller like Newegg have them in stock)
  7. Shadow703793 said:
    Dude, those Delta fans are LOUDE. I've used them in the past and then switched to the Scythe Slipstream and the KAZE now. Not many use these fans due to the noise and availability (ie. no big eteller like Newegg have them in stock)

    I imagine a lack of stock will make ordering them difficult... and expensive.
    I knew they were loud 10 seconds after I saw them.

    Just thinking...
    I live in Canada, and Summer is almost over...
    last winter I had set up some dryer ducting and two fans (the stock HSF fan and a 90mm case fan) to push air directly onto my stock Pentium D heatsink. My temps went from 50 idle to 12 idle (using -8 degree air from outside) with both fans at max. I only tore that set up apart because winter was coming to a end.
    I could put the system inside a small wooden box I have (thick walls), and have the intake and exhaust directly from the outdoors. The only issue is condensation. I think having it hidden behind this 2 cm think wood would likely rid of most of the noise issues (and the airflow being in the negatives, provide extra cooling anyways)...
    /rant over

    Thank you Shadow.
  8. ^ DUDE THAT'S an EPIC cooling set up. Any pics?
  9. Ha, no. I should have. I had it all connected with duct tape and a pen...

    You actually responded to my old thread were I was trying to burn my old Nvidia card. With the fan off, I only got it to like 112 degrees... (I did eventually destroy the card however, but due to physical damage) (just put my 4670 to 120 degrees, then crash, after only 10 mins of a OCCT burn test, and the fan never automatically went to 100%). 5 months and 2 days ago I did it.
    My dryer ducting broke, so I had to go buy some. Too bad the smallest size they has was about 20 feet (I needed only a few).
    It was also in the negatives outside (-15 to 0 celsius).
    I had a roll of duct tape lying around.

    It was epic.
    Awesome cooling setup worth only $5.

    I could only get my Pentium D 820 to 3.1GHz (2.8GHz stock) at stock voltage however (though it runs under stock voltage actually).
  10. Two fans in the push/pull configuration is like +/- 1C on all tests I've seen. Pulling just doesn't have significant CFM to matter.

    However, since you've got the two fans already, I would suggest:
    Push/Push: Have both fans mounted on the same side facing the same direction. Probably you'll have to jury rig a couple of paper clips for custom mounts.
    Middle Push: Mount both fans on either side, facing each other.
  11. Ok, this is very off topic and i am sorry to post this but isint this cooler thermalright......TRUE 120 does stand for Thermalright Ultra Extreme it possible that 2 manufactures are producing the same unit? :o
  12. The TRUE is what you say. It's the short name, same thing. Same company.
  13. TRUE is shorthand for the ThermalRight Ultra Extreme 120.
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