Sudden restart windows xp after unplugging a USB Device


My computer is new and for some reason after I disconnect a USB Device, it will just randomly restart and then I get an error report that says the system has recovered from a fatal error. This scares the crap out of me...does anyone have any suggestions. Not even my IT guy knows why it is happening and he's the one that built the darn system. Could it be the USB COntroller? And iff so how do you fix THAT!
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  1. It may be caused a static discharge resulting from an improperly grounded USB port. Try using another port. If the bad port is on the real panel of a desktop/tower, you can ground it by ensuring the backplate pins are touching the metal ports on the motherboard.
  2. Did you check several USB devices? This only happen with USB flash drives or with keyboards/mice also?

    If the system was built by someone, check the front ports vs. the rear ports. If the rear ports are working OK the front ones were probably connected wrong or there is a cable issue per treefrog's post.
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