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Looking to replace the drive on an old Dell XPS m140. Newegg and pricegrabber are usually my first stops for hardware but they're proving unhelpful for such dated hardware. All I require is 30+ GB, preferably 7200 RPM but 5400 is acceptable. Anyone care to recommend a good source (besides Ebay, which I'm already prowling)? THanks.
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    7200 RPM laptop disks with the ATA-6 interface don't seem to be available.

    The Western Digital Scorpio Blue WD800BEVE 80GB 5400 RPM probably is one of the least expensive ATA-6 hard disk:

    Here's the complete list on
  2. Sorry, I'm not familiar with the ATA-6 spec. Here's a 7200 with an IDE interface:
    Are you saying something like that wouldn't work in my laptop? I agree that such drives can't be found on newegg. I figured any IDE/PATA drive would work, haven't concerned myself with ATA-X specs--should I?
  3. Quote:
    I figured any IDE/PATA drive would work, haven't concerned myself with ATA-X specs--should I?
    Will you buy some type of 44-pin to 40-pin adaptor to connect the drive?

    Edit: I'd be more concerned by the connector itself than the ATA specification. I checked the image of the Hitachi drive on Newegg and it might work fine. Compare it with the connector on your current drive to make sure they are the same.
  4. Obviously I'm more familiar with desktop drives than laptop ones--I thought IDE was all that mattered in terms of matching connectors. Unfortunately, the drive I'm replacing is actually in my girlfriend's computer and I'm trying to surprise her, so taking it out to compare is probably not an option.
  5. I believe that they both have the same interface since the HTE726060M9AT00 also is ATA-6:
  6. So anyway, back to my orginal question: anyone have any suggestions for sources cheaper than newegg? Or are they just not to be had anywhere for less than $60?
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