4870X2 crossfire with UT-X48-T2R bridge length


I have a lanparty UT-X48-T2R and i want to crossfire two HD4870X2s when the price comes down.

I am worried however that the pcie slots on the motheboard are too far apart for the crossfire bridge.

Here is a photo of the board: http://www.neopc.hu/kepek/nagy_kepek/proba_termek/ut%20x48nagy.jpg

The PCIE slots are (counting from the right,) the 1st and 4th slots.

It looks a long way imho.

How long are the cables? Are they too short for this mobo?

Does anyone else have a crossfire setup with this board?

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  1. i have this board , the pci-e slots are fine for the crossfire setup as there spaced correctly , DFI made sure of this :) i have a crossfire cable from my old x1950 setup to check the length :). also longer ones are avialable. im glad they did space them reasonably as you need it for cooling

    im also planiing the same setup m8 when prices drop too
  2. Hey Samuraiblade,

    Thanks, was quite worried. Do you also know we will need to flash our boards with a new BIOS to make the HD4870X2 work? Yeah that's right one of the best gaming motherboards isn't compatable with the one of the best gfx cards.

    It's like saying "No sir your caviar isn't compatable with that rolls royce"

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