790i ultra, is that board such a pain as people say?

i was all set to buy this board for the sole reason of it being sli+ddr3. but after reading review in newegg and such, people say it locks up and has many issues.

heres the thing, i dont overclock and i will never overclock, are all the pepole complaning about this board are overcloackers that didnt find the right tuning? or is it realy a bad board?

i just want to stick a ddr3 sticks and one 280 gtx for now,,, is this board for me?

i am asking tech wise, money wise is not the issue i am asking about.

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  1. I for one have never had an issue. Maybe thats because my mobo is from XFX instead of EVGA...
  2. but did you change stuff like voltage and such?
    all i want is to stick memory in the slots and a gpu and forget about the motherbord.
  3. Most of the issues I've heard of have to do with overclocking, so you'll probably be ok.
  4. The 600i and 700i chipsets have issues that are directly related to memory and voltage. 600i's were far worse in both departments. These chipsets are probably the only ones in damn existance where you have to up the NB voltage to get a decent oc....its absurd. This does go for EVERY board though, they are extremely inconsistant.
  5. I have the evga 790i sli ultra and its been on and off again with problems. this is with either no o/c or a slight o/c to match fsb to memory. the most difficult thing i found with this board is the memory timings and voltage. it does not read it correctly or just does not detect the correct voltage the ram is supposed to use. default voltage for the mb seems to be 1.5v but my ram requires 1.9v i have to manually set this every time my bios freeks out which seems to be about once a month. there are also other stability issues i have not isolated yet.
  6. Why bother keeping the RAM 1:1? Theres no speed increase anyway. I just let the BIOS deal with it and call it a day.
  7. neat story thanks for sharing
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