CPU and memory info greyed out in bios

I have an HP m9085 with a Quadcore 6600, 2.4ghz and 8 mb of Crucial memory. The motherboard is an Asustek Berekely with AMI 5.11 bios. In the settings area of the bios the CPU info is all greyed out as is the memory info, so there are no options for FSB changes or multiplier options and no voltage or timing options for the memory. Is this just down to the motherboard not having any facilities for change, or am I missing something?
I am an old phart so any help would be appreciated.
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  1. not missing anything. the big builders spec the mobo's to have a stripped down bios, to prevent tinkering.
  2. Basically saying... you brought what you paid for. Want something faster? They you either buy a faster model from HP, or build it yourself with a MB with OC'ing features.
  3. One of the more irritating things about buying an OEM computer. You probably have no CPU fan control either. If Core Temp indicates the CPU is running hot you can possibly use SpeedFan to adjust it.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I suspected that it was a lack of functionality in the motherboard/bios. I am not really bothered, but as the lowest score on the performance rating was the memory, I thought there might be a setting I could change to insure the memory was running at its best.
    No worries.
  5. My P5K-e wouldn't let me change any settings in the BIOS when I used my old Pentium D, but is fine with a Q6600.

    Not particularly useful, but I found it both bizarre and interesting...
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