Does NB/Uncore Frequency make a Difference with the Core i7?

I thought that i heard that there is almost no performance gain by overclocking the core i7's uncore. Is that true?
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    Yep... the best is to drop the uncore freq and raise the base clock.

    The uncore will cause undeeded instability when overclocking. Think about what the uncore contains of...

    the cache and the memory controller.... that is why it wont give you much of an improvment.
  2. There is a slight gain, but it isn't worth it. I was trying it earlier today actually, and to get a significant overclock, you need to feed it quite a bit of voltage, there is a significant heat gain, and there isn't a whole lot of performance gain, to be honest.
  3. Yeah... its almost like overclocking ram.... it has about the same gains.
  4. Okay because I was thinking about going from a x12 multiplier to a x14 but I didn't want to run prime95 for another day and a half if there ws not point to it. thanks.
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