crossfirex mobos with only 1 pcie 16x slot... pointless? (n00b here)

lookin to put together a new pc after not paying attention to new technology for about 7+ yrs.

I am intrigued by the whole sli/crossfirex multi gpu concept, and stumbled across many mobos, such as this, which only has 1 pcie 2.0 x16 slot, along with several pcie 1x slots.

doesnt that kindof defeat the purpose of crossfirex? i thought cfx scaled to the lowest clock speed/GPU clock, memory clock, and video RAM size of all available cards. i dont even know how the pcie slot bus link factors into this (or even if thats the correct terminology).

my point being, with only 1 16x slot, a second vid card would have to go into the pcie 1x slot. i have to think a vid card that is only 1x capable would severely limit the performance of the first card, or wouldnt contribute much at all to overall performance.
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  1. This board doesn't support Crossfire since it only has 1 PCI x16 slot. You need two x16 slots to have crossfire. By crossfire I mean 2 separate cards. Good crossfire boards are the ones with an X48 chipset. P45 chipsets also support crossfire but the two x16 slots run at x8 speeds but on the x48 chipset, both slots are x16. If you have the extra cash, get the x48.
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