Blue Screen of Overclocking DEATH

First off, let me post what I'm running, then i will post what I have.

Intel Core2 Duo E8400@ 3.00GHz
NFORCE 780i SLI mobo
Phoenix - AwardBIOS v6.00PG
2GB Ram @ 400.00MHz DDR2
Dual GeForce 9600 GT: Core - 675MHz, Shaders - 1674MHz, Mem - 900MHz 512MB (Each)

I think thats all of that. So, I'm new to the overclocking field, I had my computer made for me, and hopefully that doesn't decrease my rep in this forum and make it so I get less replies, or serious replies. But, I've been recently running some games that require high computer performance. I went through some forums and found to overclock my computer I would need nTune, which I got. When I tried to increase the speed of my video cards (only a small bit, because I don't want stress them too much). I raised them to maybe 700MHz and I got blue screen with this error code, nvoclk64.sys. At another time attempting to increase the speed on the fans, (because i thought thats what it could be) I got, again, blue screen of death with error message nvlddmkm.sys. That's about all the problems that I've encountered now.

Oh also, a side note. I have the program CPU-Z and its showing me my processor Core Speed going from ~ 1999.6MHz to 3000.0MHz, while at the same time Core Voltage is going from ~ 1.152V to 1.144V.. I'm not sure why its doing that. It should be staying constant right?

Well..if you read this and can respond to it, please do. All others, hope this might have helped you figure out the problem to your PC, (by its comments).

Thank You
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  1. What operating system have you got?

    As for the CPU speed going up and down, its a power saving feature that slows down the cpu when its idle, you can disable it if you want but it doesnt affect your PCs performance.
  2. I'm running Windows Vista 64bit, and thanks for the comment DellUser, I'll try that out.
  3. lemonsip said:
    I'm running Windows Vista 64bit

    Than Im almost certain that its 2gb of ram thats the problem when it comes to demanding games, not performance of your cards or cpu. Example: I have 2gb of ram in one of my PCs and it can play Crysis smoothly maxed out in 1680x1050 in XP. Same game, same detail level and it chokes in Vista even in 1440x900. I think its because when i boot XP theres under 400MB of ram taken by the system, In vista its over 1gb. Now Crysis takes around 1gb of ram as well(with max details) -> no free ram left -> swapfile on hdd is being used.
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