SATA Drive in PATA laptop?????

Hi I have a DELL XT laptop, it contains a this harddrive.....

Samsung, Spinpoint N, HS082HB, 1.8", 80G, 4200, PATA(ZIF), 8MB

I want to upgrade to a bigger/faster 1.8" HD, all faster HD are usually SATA connections....

1. Is there a way to use a 1.8" SATA drive in my laptop (original HD is 1.8" PATA) (is there an adaptor?)

2. Does anyone know of a 1.8" PATA HD, >100GB and 5200 RPM, (i cant find one)

thanks for any help helping me upgrade my 1.8" PATA HD to a faster bigger model...(ps I don't want to break the bank either..preferaable under $200)

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  1. Sorry, but there's really not any easy way to do this. The two connection types are completely different, and cannot be converted with a simple adapter.
  2. ZOMG, I thought only PATA <-> SATA bridges existed for desktop systems, but I did find this:

    For those with slow 1.8" PATA drives wanting SATA

    It does outline either buying a Dell ZIF to SATA converter, or it even provides a DIY method for a converter.
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