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Hey everyone!

I have a PC in my room and want to be able to watch videos on the TV downstairs. What would be the best way to accomplish this while having the computer off (I want to save a little energy).
I was thinking of getting an external hard drive + a media enclosure, but all of the reviews make them out to be horrible. (I want support for all of the file formats, including H.264 -- I hate running into issues with compatibility)
I hope that the solution is under $200 as well. Any ideas and experiences of your own?
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    I have a WD Media Player and it works great, plays most media formats, including H.264.
    It has HDMI as well as RCA connections, digital audio output, 2 USB ports for connecting 2 drives.
    As for price I don't know where you are and what the going price is there, but at the moment we have the DSE store selling them on special for AUD$129 (I paid $189).
  2. I found one of these online for about $60 US so it was a great deal. There is no going wrong with being able to watch all video formats on the TV and being able to hot swap external drives. It looks like a win. I can't wait to try this out.
  3. Good deal, I bought mine months ago for full price, I see they have a new model out with network connection, obviously that's why the sale price. The new one is the same price as the earlier one was.
    I suggest you don't overfill the drive, leave about 10% free.
    Have fun.
  4. I bought the WD TV Mini by accident and did not like the fact that it does not support 720p. I returned it for the WD TV HD and I can't wait to try it out. The Mini was pretty good so I am sure the extra usb port, higher resolution support, etc. will work even better.

    Thanks everyone!
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