Need help building an AWSOME gaming rig! (1st timer)

Hey guys i recently decided to go about buildling my own pc. This is my FIRST time doing this so i need all the help i can get. After hours and hours of researching i came up with the specs below. I am trying to stay around the $1500 range give or take. Can you guys please tell me if all of the parts listed are compatible and if i should change anything.

videocard -
motherboard -
cpu -
memory -
case -
fan -
operating system -
hard drive -
optical drive -

And is this all i need to purchase to have a working pc? As stated above i am a complete noob to building pcs. Any help is greatly appreciated!

One of my main worries is the quality of the motherboard i listed above. Any opinions?

I would also like my system to be easy to upgrade in the future.

Thanks guys!
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  1. none of the links work
  2. go with a quad core or the c2d 8400.
    get a ati 4850 or 4870 or cs
    get 4 gigs of ram
    get power supply 500-600 watt for single video card or 750 watt for dual cards if you go with the ati 4000 series

    edit: your links work now
    your build looks good. i would just get the 8400 if you plan on oc'ing. it looks like a good system. i would spend more money on the motherboard but i think you'll be fine with that

    you can get 2 video card and have your friend turn in the other rebate so you can get both rebates
    plus there a mother board combo with that to that looks good
  3. the case comes with a 800 watt power supply and the ram is 4 gigs i think (complete noob so may not be). Also what are the benefits of
    "go with a quad core or the c2d 8400.
    get a ati 4850 or 4870 or cs"
  4. a c2d 8400 is a great processor for gaming and oc'ing
    a q6600 is a okay processor for gaming and okay for oc'ing but great on multitasking and working on media files. and i think quad cores are a little more future proof.

    the 4870 is better then the 4850 or you can get to 4850's in crossfire for like $40 more if you can take advantage of both the rebates. \

    look for combo deals you can save some good money that way.

    your not a complete noob you have a good system so far
    look a cpu charts and video card charts to see what best fits your needs.

    i love ultra cases and power supply plus u have lifetime warranty with those
  5. if ur gonna buy an the E8500 instead. 20$ more for 3.16ghz stock speed. search it up on newegg. for 199$
  6. Asus is getting some great reviews of their P45 motherboards. For an extra $10 it's worth it
    a bit more than that for a limited 8x- 8x crossfire P45 board
  7. I would get a case without a power supply so you can choose a quality PSU, it's one of the most important parts of a computer. The Antec 900 and the Cooler Master 690 are good cases. I really like Corsair PSU's, they're single rail and efficient. Look at the 750W. It costs more but it'll be worth it for a stable system. I would also switch to WD Caviar for the hard drive, but if you like the Seagate, that's okay.
  8. kk i switched over to the WD Caviar for the hard drive. Is there a way i can keep the case i listed but just use a different PSU?
  9. If you really like it, sure. I just think there are a lot better cases. If you do, try the case with that PSU. Looking at the amps, it doesn't look too bad. If you feel like it's fine, keep it. You might end up not needing a different PSU.
  10. Thanks man you helped out a lot. So everything else looks great? What i listed above is EVERYTHING i need to build my PC?
  11. As far as I can tell, yes. You have a monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc?
  12. Negative : ( I will probally use my old budget one until i have more money. Is most of the stuff i chose easily upgradable? i would rather not have to make a whole new pc for a while. Im still trying to find a good pc case then ill be set i guess.
  13. Well you can upgrade really only the video card and hard drives, and optical drive. New processors will use a different platform, so you can't upgrade them. New memory will come in DDR3. It's a good system, don't worry.
  14. you are simply my hero! well thanks for all the help man ill PM when i get it all setup and running : )
  15. You're welcome and I wish you luck.
  16. yeah don't worry about that system just get a second video card in the future and it should last long
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