G84 chips defective, Can get my money back from 8600GT??

I was wondering how this problem affect my card, dont really understand wich is the problem, and if this may cause the stuttering im suffering.

Also im waiting to buy HD4850 when prices go little cheaper, here are abour 140€ now. My corsair 450vx will be able to handle the HD4870?? only have 1 PCI-e conecctor 6 pin.
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  1. If i were you i would set my GFX cooling fan to 0. Run it on load for 20 hours straight on something graphics intensive. Wait for the defective chip to die and then demand a refund on your system.
  2. G84 is a mobile chip is it not?
  3. But i cant find my ticked from the shop, I bought in Alternate. Its XFX card, i could send it to XFX??? And they wont send me again the same 8600GT chip???
  4. If you are referring to that inquirer story on the front page, the inquirer is complete **** and have an extreme anti-nvidia bias. I wouldn't trust anything they say anyway. What a rubbish tabloid site. Your g84 chip is fine. My 9600GT is one of the supposedly "defective" chips and it's been running great with heavy gaming and oc'd since I got it.

    The 4850 is a great deal more powerful that your 8600GT though and would be a fine upgrade, but you are not going to get a refund because your chip is not defective.
  5. Well, Toms just posted an article that agrees with what the INQ said.
  6. Annisman said:
    Well, Toms just posted an article that agrees with what the INQ said.

    The big question is, does that make the Inquirer more or THG less credible?
  7. Theres no question as to whether there are defective mobile chips, especially the G84 and G86. Of that, theres no doubt. Question is, are they all defective, and does it go into more chips, and is it excusively mobile chips only?
  8. you all know where i stand i can read between the lines there all defective, and the ones that are saying there not will all be going quiet shortly, so instead of bashing me wait and see, there all made in the same place but it will just take longer to show up in the desktop cards, not unless you've got bad cooling then they'll brake sooner and wile your bashing the inquirer they have contacts in the know and they wont go on record, its just the inquirer protecting there source, so you cant blame them
  9. Annisman said:
    Well, Toms just posted an article that agrees with what the INQ said.

    That is because the Tom's article is simply reporting on the Inquirer's report. The Tom's report offers no further investigation or insight.

    It appears that Nvidiahttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nvidia ’s notebook chips aren’t the only ones that could be defective, if an Inquirer report is to be believed.

    If you bought from a brand with a good warranty you should have no concerns. I don't think stuttering would be a symptom but rather you would have a complete failure.
    An 8600gt will not deliver great frame rates on the best of days which is why you are now regretting your purchase and would like to upgrade. I wouldn't hold your breath on the rumoured failures playing into your upgrade plans.
  10. I am not so sure anymore. My 7600 GT had been running for almost 2 years in a case with 1 single 80mm fan. It used to idle at around 65C and hit 90C at load. It still works after my 8800 GT had started having problems, and because I bought the 8800 GT on Ebay when they were totally out of stock everywhere, I could not return it. My friend's 8800 GTS G92 has been replaced twice. I have gotten 2 DOA computer parts in my short time of messing with computers, since I was 13. 1 was an 8600 GT the other was a stick of Corsair memory. I'm not sure whether I've just been having bad luck, but I feel that the build quality of nVidia cards has gotten worse. I just hope that if this is true, its only a trend with nVidia.
  11. My 8600GT have a zalman Vf900 cooler installed. Im not regretting the buy, because when i bought it my options were x1950pro for 120€, 8800GTS 320 for 280 €, and HD2900XT for 360€, while this 8600GT cost me 99€ 1 year ago. Now 8800GTS 320 sux compared with HD4850.

    So i want to know if the card burns "extrangely" "not being my fault" i will get something (not the same card again in the best case), to my upgrade, ill wait a little more to see if they are really all deffective and i get a new card instead.
  12. It's likely that it affects all G84 and G86 chips - but most only report the notebook ones for a simple reason...mobile chips undergo much more stress than their desktop counterparts. Heatsinks and airflow around desktop chips is plentiful in most cases, whereas in the mobile arena it might be non-existent.

    Honestly, though, I know many people with both chips (desktop and mobile) ...none of them seem to be dying.
  13. the chips can go bad bot hp and and dell have released updates to fix the issue by increasing fan speed. desktop r being effected less because there not being cooled and heated constantly like laptops.
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