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I purchased Intel DG31PR mainboard and trying to get my existing EVGA 7600GT PCIE (Model: 256-P2-N615-TX) working it but it fails. The config is DG31PR, E7200 Core 2 Duo CPU, 2GB 800Mhz Transcend RAM, 500GB SATA HDD and 7600GT 256MB DDR3 PCI Express Card. When I power on the system the display looks ok till Bios level but as soon as Windows start loading the display goes to 4 bit color and is bad and by the time Windows loads the Monitor goes into standby with no signal message. The System keeps working as the keyboard responds and the windows start sound also comes so I assume the card fails to set the native resolution of the monitor which is Viewsonic 22 inch LCD. I tried installing Windows XP many times with different driver versions but same problem. Tried using Analog and DVI output but again same problem. I feel it is something to do with the Mainboard as the card works on my old 945GNT Mainboard without any problems. Please suggest what steps can I take to resolve this problem. I have tried both Windows XP and Vista but the same problem persisted.

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  1. That motherboard has integrated graphics. What is likely happening is that the computer is booting to the IGP, and not using your PCi card. Easy enough to test - Just switch the cable from your card to the connector on the motherboard.

    To 'fix' the issue - Go into the Bios and disable the integrated graphics. That'll force the computer to use the PCi card.
  2. Thanks for the reply. The computer boots using the PCI Express Card and the display stays till the Windows load and then the monitor goes to standby with no signal message. I tried switching the monitor cable to the IGP when the monitor goes to standby but it doesn't work. I can use the same card on 945GNT board with Windows XP and the same driver that I am using now so I hope driver is not the issue. I suspect the DG31PR mainboard as that is the only new item in my system. But intel says since the PCi express works till BIOS level and shows the Windows boot screen then it is not there problem.

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