AS5 vs IC 24 Thermal Face Off

Hi guys, after reading all this hubhub about diamond based thermal interface materials (TIM), I've gotten the bug and actually got a tube of this stuff.

If you did not know, IC Diamond 24 / 7 uses diamonds instead of silver as the particles in the TIM, this means that in theory, the thermal conductivity of the paste is much greater, as diamond is a better carrier of heat. With the added bonus of being non conductive, unlike silver.

This will be a very crude and unofficial face off between a roughly 2 month old Arctic Silver 5 vs newly applied IC Diamond 24 (7 if you got the smaller tube) face off.

So what happens is that my rig, and i7 running at 4 Ghz has had some AS5 applied to it since day 2 of operations (day 1 was a small test with the stock HSF) with a Thermal Right Ultra 120 Extreme (TRUE) attached to it.

My rig is set up so that one of the fan is the stock s-flex low performance, quiet fan, while the other one is the 120*38mm delta/panaflow 100 CFM demi-monster (not the 200 screamer lol), during almost all normal operations like gaming or internet browsing or word, the delta only operates at 500-800 RPM, with virtually no noise coming out of it, whilst when Linx or Prime kicks in, the delta then starts to go to 100%, and when it does, you can hear it.

My tests consists of using real temp and LinX to measure the loaded temperature under AS5, then reapply a fresh coat of IC 24, and run the same tests again. Please look for the min and max temperatures and note that min temp is what is there after a fresh boot, and max is the max temp attained during the 3 cycles of LinX using all ram.

Here is the temps under AS5 that is around 2 months old:

and here is the temp for IC24:

And there you have it, IC24 seems to have dropped my temps by ~5 C, not that bad as on the website it said a 3.65 C drop, but also not that great for the average person whom may never heard of TIMs in the first place.

The extra note:where the heck do you find this stuff in Canada...

For me, since I live in Canada, I had to talk directly with the IC 24 / 7 distributor and buy it from him in a private transaction, in a gas station... NCIX, Canadacomputers, and the local shops just says that they have no idea what is going on and that these things don't exist from their point of view. So I had to call up the ICD distributor in canada ( to buy the IC 24, because the other store in Canada that sells it asked for a 10 dollar shipping (they are usa based), or only carries the IC 7 (less amount of TIM, but I wanted to buy the 24 so I can use this for a while).

Overall, I like what I see here, in a hot summer day, dropping the temp by 5 C, while takes no additional labor like lapping (btw, it appears that the new TRUE socket 1366 kits have a FLAT base, I actually took the time to look this time lol), and its costs (22 dollar + gas for me lol per 4.8 Gram vs AS5 13 dollar + shipping for 3.5 g vs around 30-40 dollars worth of non-reusable sandpaper) is lower than that of lapping.

This is a random comparison on the TRUE, maybe I will do the same thing to my old SI-120 on the A64 3200 just for fun, and on the chipset too since the DFI lanparty's southbridge chip fan is a loud pos...

EDIT: added in a little intro about the ICD 24
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  1. Place holder for maybe the SI-120 one, where the AS5 is a few years old (2 if I recall correctly), VS the newly applied IC 24, that one would come eventually lol.
  2. Check out the new Arctic M-3.
  3. Some really new stuff, even melts between the HS and CPU
  4. OO I want to try that stuff now lol, but I'm going to guess that they are non-reuseable on the same socket?

    Also, I hate Paypal, is there a place that takes credit card that don't need expensive USA to Canada shipping that sells this?
  5. That seems a little too much difference to be just from a change in TIM, it looks more like a better mount. Here is a copy and paste from a reply I made on a different forum even tho you are not claiming as large of drop it still applies.

    That is way too much difference in temp. I agree that a diamond TIM would have the possibility to make the best TIM because of its thermal properties, but there isn't that much to be gained by a TIM compared to what we use now. There is no way possible to lower load temps by 10+° let alone idle with a change in TIM. It is possible between a good mount and a bad one tho.

    Here is a graph of the TIM C/W of a few materials and that a good TIM would be less than .04 which would be 6° @ 150w heat load compared to no joint at all.

    Here is the post on ProCooling that graph came from
  6. Hmm, well that can be a very valid point, the mounting is a human variable that is hard to take out, even with the new "pad" that fuses between the CPU and cooler it seems to be very much so something you can screw up and your system DIAF.

    Where is Toms on this one, can't they do something like this with 5 mounts each in a temperature controlled environment (I was doing it as fast as I can, I didn't feel a temp drop or rise, but then again...) with a few of the top stuff.

    Oh well, this is just me getting out there with this info, hopefully it will actually be good for someone.
  7. Vapor did a nice job on the linked review on XS including his variation of the mounts with the different pastes.
  8. Well, guess its all about when can I get some of this stuff...
  9. If you read the link all the way through on XS, take your time, there is the site and they fixed shippings costs with better options.

    And Vapor did a fine job, a true XS god, the members would expect no less or it doesn't get posted. Science, proper testing is how it's done there or they get slammed by everyone else. I love that place.
  10. Umm do you mean ? It costs 20 dollar USD to buy the thing and 17 dollar to ship it via ground... or 15 dollars USD for UPS ground...

    Unless I'm gona get like 8 kits (4* 20) the shipping for such a small item is wayyyyyy too much.

    I got that off of the where to buy part of the Indigo site, maybe I will reread XS again to see if I missed something, I jumped to the charts :D
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