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please help, i need to UNDO a system recovery for an hp tower windows xp. can you give me step by step instructions? i lost all pics, music and documents. can you help?
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  1. If your "recovery" means it (seems) to have wiped out the drive and re-installed Windows, you need a second hard drive or 2nd partition already present on your main drive.

    Download Recuva
    HERE and run it to find all stranded files, choose one's you want to keep and copy them out to second drive or partition.

    When you are certain you have recovered all files that can be recovered, you can copy them back into the drive.

    Don't save anything more in your drive until you copy out what you want to save, or that will over-write existing files you want to recover. Many of your files are already over-written, so good luck.
  2. Recuva is a real good software. You can also use easeus. Between the two of them, they should be able to recover some of your files.
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