P5L-MX Bios question.

Hey guys what's up! I want to overclock my cpu to gain some speed. I'm running an Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 (Conroe) at stock. I've tried overclocking before (to 3,2ghz), but after that my onboard lan controller stopped working. I also didn't notice and performance increase but rather a decrease. Would it help for me to update my bios?

My specs:

Asus P5L-MX
C2D E6600 @ stock (2,4ghz)
2GB DDR2-533
Asus EN8800GTS 640mb

Hope I gave you enough information,
Thanks in advance,

Patrick :)
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  1. I would recommend on trying the update...it might fix the problems
    Also when your computer is unstable after an overclock, add some voltage to the CPU...
  2. Ok, been away for some time (school) but I just updated my bios. System runs the same, but overclocking still decreasing speed and my onboard lan stops.
  3. Wait...you went from 2.4Ghz to 3.2Ghz?!? That's an 800mhz increase in speed...never overclock like that...overclock in increments of 100Mhz and add voltage in increments of .025V when it gets unstable...
    (Important to monitor your temps during overclocking, never go in dramatic steps. Remember to go in increments)
    Use prime95 to test the stability of your computer after an overclock.
    Also make sure your ram is stable before overclocking (make sure your whole system is stable before overclocking) If your system still has the same problems with the on-board lan, then your motherboard is glitchy or just not good for overclocking in general and you should get another motherboard or a cheaper solution would be to get a pci lan card...
    As for checking if your CPU performs better orworse after the overclock you should bench test it with 3DMark06 before overclocking and then after and compare the scores...hope this helps...Good Luck! :)
  4. I went to 3,2 in steps :) but after 2,88 ghz my onboard lan stops. I think it's my mobo but thanks anyway. :)
  5. Well you know the limits of your system then...I guess the cheapest thing to do is keep it @ the best setting (you said 2.88)
    Still a 400Mhz increase is not bad...
    And it is the mobo, if you're in the position to buy anew one then your good...but if you don't want to spend $$, keep your system at it's best settings... :)
    What are you planning to do? if it's not a secret...
  6. Well I reset everything, keeping everything @ stock. I was planning to buy a new system so not going to get a new mobo :). I'm pretty sure my parents will be happy enough with this comp. Getting a new I7 or Phenom II system but waiting for the new Ati HD5xxx / Nvidia GT300. Till then I'll just do some ingame tweaking (for some reason TF2 goes to 30fps while its usually near 100). The rest still works fine (E.g. playing music, videos, other games). Thanks for your replies :)
  7. no prob...hope everything works out nicely for you...
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