BFG 260gtx ocx Whining Noise

Hi guys i have one of the above cards and im not sure if its all ok. When i am running windows, webpages basicly anything 2D its seems fine, sounds like a normal gfx card. (Fan noise thats it) When i load anything 3D lets say google earth or Call of Duty 4 it starts making a noise like a Mosquito, buzzing or whining. Its not too loud but loud enough for me to thnik it shouldn't be happening. I have both 6 pins power cords plugged in 1 of which is modular

Also when i power my pc up the card is not always found it only find the standard GFX adapter untill i open the case up check the power connectors and reboot it works fine

Here is what im running

Vista 32 bit home basic
Asus P5N - T Deluxe 780i
C2D E8400
X-Fi sound
4 gig Patriot ddr2 pc6400
Freezer 7 pro cpu cooler
OCz mod X stream 780 Watt PSU
Antec 900 Case

All latest drivers and bios nothing overclocked
BFG seem to think it may be faulty but i just wanna know what u think or if anyone else has had a similar problem with a 260 GTX card

Thanks for reading
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  1. Some might say that the whining is coming from the people that paid the original price for these cards...

    Joking aside, make sure the card is properly seated in the PCIe slot, and check the power connections again. Also make sure the bracket near the exhaust is correctly screwed in and nice and tight.
  2. the noise is prob from your power supply, chances are its a noisy coil making that, if you say do folding@home gpu and it gets much louder then its the coil in your ps.
  3. Thanks for the replys guys. i did forget to mention i did try this in another pc and got the same noise, so im guessing its the card but just want to know what on the card it is

  4. Might be a capacitor squealing, its unlikely it will outright fail but if you want peace of mind then I would suggest exchanging/returning it for replacement.
  5. yup i believe from ur psu i have the same issue.
  6. i have just got off the phone from and the guy says its capacitor and transistor coil resination making the squeeling noise.
  7. Did you ever get this fixed as I have exactly the same problem with a BFG 260 I also bought from Scan, and I am on my 2nd card? :(
  8. Hi , no i didnt ever get it fixed. It is what happens when the cards get such a high overclock. i even changed brands to the XFX gtx XXX and have the same noise. i just play my games with head phoens on now and i cant hear it

    PS down load the latest nvidia beta drivers they got some really good improvments in em
  9. When I spoke to scan I got the same "its capacitor and transistor coil resination" speech. Infact they want my replacement card back as they believe it is also faulty. Unfortunatly as mine is the H2OC variety this is a bit of a pain in the bum to say the least. Have you tried downclocking the card at all?
    I assume your noise also comes from the PSU, and changes pitch?
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