Just when it was getting good...

So I ordered a 9800GTX2 from newegg and noticed they were having a sale on a Antec NeoPower modular 650w PSU.

Regular price: $160
Instant Savings: $80
Combo Savings: $50

Price I paid: $30

Savings of $130, a deal, a steal, the sale of the century... or so I thought.

I pull out the PSU and Video Card from my current rig, a 650w Rosewill that I also got on the cheap that has done a wonderful job with powering my 8800GTS (G92.)

I install everything into my wifes rig, not a problem in sight, powers up beautifully, card installs without any issues and then I realize something... I didn't cut myself installing anything.

What does that mean? The Computer gods demand a blood sacrifice every time someone does a major update, so right then and there... I knew the second build was going to be trouble.

I get everything setup and installed, scrape my knuckle on a PCI slot drawing a little blood but I knew is was already too little too late... I go to turn on the computer and "Tzzzt" blue light for a second... then nothing.

I make sure everything is seated correctly, turn everything back on again and "Tzzzt" blue light for a second... then nothing.

I unplug some of the USB devices I had attached, try to power up just the computer with the card... "Tzzzt" blue light for a second and then nothing.

Its then and only then that I realize I am late for work and so here I am, now at work... wondering what could be wrong with me rig.

Checklist of things to do when I get home:

1: Remove the GPU and try to boot the computer on the motherboards GPU.

2: Try and power up the system with a different power supply to make sure nothing was damaged when uninstalling the old PSU.

Any suggestions? Could the PSU just be DoA? Is there anything special I have to do with a Modular PSU to get it to work?

Any help to pass the time while I'm at work until I can get back to this and "fix" the issue would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. That PSU is a very good PSU, much better than your Rosewill. That said even the best and most expensive PSUs can be DOA. You should have paid $20 more for a PSU tester, but I haven't either so don't feel too bad. When you get home unplug everything from the PC and PSU (this goes for anytime you install a modular PSU) and reconnect everything tightly. Try one more time, if nothing works then try the old PSU. Although it is very unlikely this is the problem, blood is conductive FYI so the "blood god" might have royally f&%ked you.
  2. I didn't actually bleed into the case, just scraped the knuckle. One of those "It starts to bleed 30 seconds after" scrapes so I don't think it would be that.

    Hence why I didn't think it would be enough to sate the thirst of the blood gods.

    I was looking at the PSU testers on newegg, I'll probably grab one of those before RMA'ing If I don't get this thing sorted just to make sure it is the PSU that's the issue and not another component.
  3. Well I resolved the issue, turned out to be a PEBCAK error, when I got home I took one look at it and knew what I had done wrong.

    I mistook the basic 8 pin for the PCI-e 8 pin, had to attach a converter to the 6+2 pin and then use a modular PCI-e 6 pin.



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