motherboard for sli?

for my first build i'm going to put 2 8800GTSs in sli. i'd like to get some suggestions for a cheap one around $100.
i was wondering if this motherboard will work? there such a big difference in performance between that one and this one that i should get one over the other?
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  1. I had to check the date of the message to make sure it's not from 6 months ago. Man, the fashionable thing these days is HD 4850 Crossfire, not 8800GTS SLI. Check the benchmarks on the Web if you want. Also, SLI motherboards have got a bad rep these days.

    If you hate ATI for some reason then of course you have to go with nVidia. Even then, consider a GA-EP43-DS3L and a 9800GX2 rather than a SLI solution. Stick with an Intel-based motherboard, that's the idea. P43 or P45.
  2. i'm getting a recertified one from newegg for $109 and there are no recertified ati cards so that's as good as it'll get for that price. for similar performance i'm not spending another $50
  3. Yeah, that seems like a really big space between the SLi slots so make sure it comes with a bridge. The 9800GT/8800GTs only cost a little bit more and are much faster than the older 320MB and 640MB GTS cards. Really though I suggest you go with a new P45 based board and two of the new Radeon 4830s.
  4. it's the newer 8800GTS (g92) 512mb.
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