Calling all owners of Asus Rampage II extreme mobo - help!

Hi. Super noob here.

I need some help because I don't know what I'm doing. I have overclocked my i7 920 to 3.6 (19X200 bclk) but have managed to do this only by reducing dram frequency to 1200. In fact I have 3X2 1600 ddr3 ram, but with the cpu overclocked as stated I can't use the memory at this frequency (I'd be doubly grateful if someone could explain why not).

Anyway, someone has told me to turn the ram voltage up to 1.65 - by which i suppose he means the dram voltage in bios and to set memory multiplier from x6 to x8 and do the same with the uncore multiplier. Fine. My question is: where do i find this multiplier in the asus bios?! I don't think there is one!

Please, can someone point out the blindingly obvious to me and help me get my ram up to speed whilst maintaining this overclock.
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  1. Great question, I've ordered a Rampage II Extreme with an i7 920 and am curious about this as well.
  2. when the ram gets too much power and unstable it shuts down, you gotta turn it down when u clock the cpu cuz you're overclocking it all, not jus the processor, so its best to turn it way down, get your cpu where u want it, the go back up as much as you can with the ram.
  3. Hey

    Aparently, it doesn't have a memory multiplier; I don't think you can choose the frequency yourself. Rather, there are pre-assigned frequencies which you can pick from.

    It's a great board - really, so easy to overclock the cpu with.

    Have fun!
  4. On older asus boards you have several dram frequencies to pick from - and those are your Ram speeds on different multipliers. It may be similar on your rampage - those speeds should change when you change the bclk, check it.
  5. hey EXTREME noob here.
    i want to overclock my i7 920 to 3.6GHZ on rampage II extreme
    my case is rly well what do i have to do to achieve what i want?
  6. Get a lot of fans and a good cpu cooler
  7. Well there are alot of variables first up your base clock to 180 and your cpu multi to 20 which will give you 3.6 which I am at myself. BUT to start with drop your memory down as low as it will go or 1066 or close to that. I am at 1.10v cpu 1.35v qpi and 1.64v dram. but you may be able to do yours with lower cpu volts not every cpu are equal. Hope this helps you.
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