GTX 280 3DMark06 score

I got 16109 3dmarks on my new GTX 280, and I am pretty happy with it. The MSI OC version GTX is pretty good. The MSI software can let you OC even more.
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  1. A single old 8800GTX will do 14,000+ with Q6600 @ 3.6Ghz and two will do 18,000+, so yours is about right with Q6600 @ 3.0Ghz. If you goose that CPU up some I think you would be round 19,000.
  2. my Q6600 is G0 stepping, and I should be able to push it further. but i am not very good at OC. my last MB is a ASUS P5N-E, and the MB died when i push beyond 370 FSB. It took me a lot of trouble to replace the MB.

    I don't find any good thread about OC on EVGA 132-CK-NF78, the setting is quite different from ASUS board.
  3. Q6600 @4ghz and a 9800GTX @ 807 get ~16,100.
  4. How do you get 4G on Q6600?
  5. I just got 16K with my Q9450 @3.4Ghz and my HD4870 OC'd as high as CCC will let me. I'm pretty happy.

    I kind of miss my Q6600, I think I could have gotten 4Ghz out of it...

    liubros, run 3dmark vantage and let me know what you get
  6. Um, how do you have 2816mb of RAM?
  7. probably cuz of a 32-bit OS
  8. Yeah, it is 32-bit OS.

    I have P10277 on 3dmark vantage, but that score is from the burnt P5N-E, I havenot installed vista yet after swtiching MB.
  9. liubros said:
    How do you get 4G on Q6600?

  10. Isn't 16k a tad low, I get 19k2 e8400 @4.4 (basically a q6600 cpu score) with x2 3870's in crossfire (worse than a GTX 280 i believe)...
  11. Yeah, agreed. You would think the 280's would score much higher, even with stock CPU speeds; it should be a decent bump in GPU score...but apparently not.
  12. In fact his CPU score was 700 points higher than mine and both SM 2.0 and 3.0 scores are minimum 1500 points lower... Think maybe the nVidia control panel needs to be setup correctly?
  13. it should be a little higher then that.
    i havent run 3dmark06 yet with my new rig but i ran 3dmarkvantage scoring P14653.
  14. can you post link to your 19k score?
  15. No probs:
  16. I just bumped CPU to 3.2g, and all sm2.0, sm3.0 cpu score went up.
    I think my score hit a bottle throad set by CPU.

    now the overall score is 16675

    my cpu is acting funny, i can't do 400x8 no matter what voltage i put, even at 1.5v, it gets erro on prime 95. but when i put 355x9, it works stable at 1.35v
  17. You mobo maybe struggling with the FSB (increase NB voltage) or the fact you have I'm guessing 4GB RAM maybe 4x1GB sticks. If thats the case you will overclock a lot easier if you remove 2 of the sticks.

    Unles you really want to get your RAM 1:1 with your FSB just carry on overclocking with the standard x9 multiplier and change the FSB:RAM ratio.
  18. there is not much i can do about northbridge. only 2 are marked as safe, 1.4 and 1.5, I am at 1.5 already. and the stock voltage for ram is 1.8-2.0, i can run it 2.025 and 444 fsb, when i did 3:4 at 333x9, but i feel it is better to run 1:1 at lower voltage, but i can be wrong.

    3.2g might be the limit to this chip/mb. i went for 375x9 before i sleep, and the CPU did not past post. i think i am going to give up on pushing it further. 3.2g is not too bad for air cool. i will try H2O on my next rig.

    i see 4870x2 is going strong. i just hope gtx280 will drop price so i can get another for sli. i really don't care how good is ati card. i am just a nvidia fan. the only thing i care about ati is it makes nvidia drop price :D
  19. My 3mark06 score is pretty good then...I get 12500 with q9300 and 4850 stock. You shouldve gone with ATI dude, even though I prefer Nvidia if youd got a 4870x2 it wouldve been way better value than the gtx280.
  20. I find this thread interesting,

    they tested some graphic cards, including gtx280 single, sli, agains 4850 crossfire, 3750x2 crossfire

    CPU: Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9770 3.2GHz
    Memory: 2 x 1GB OCZ DDR3-1600MHz Memory Modules
    Motherboard: ASUS Striker II Extreme
    Optical/Hard Drives: Generic 8X DVDRW, Maxtor 80GB 7200RPM/8MB Cache SATA
    Monitor: BENQ 24" LCD with 1920x1200 Resolution
    Operating System: Windows Vista Ultimate - 32bit
    PSU: 1000W Silverstone PSU

    The top score of 3DMark06 gots to 3870X2 Crossfire 18,931
    Their single GTX280 scores 16,447, while i get 16,675. Now I am happy.

    Still, it is less than the 19k score posted by closed_deal with 3870 crossfire
  21. To be honest it's probably your CPU slightly limiting your GFX. I just checked my 3dmark scores when i had the AMD 6000+@ 3.5Ghz and the SM2/3 scores were 6044/7577 respectively now E8400 @4.4ghz 8703/9690, thats almost a 2k hick all round.
  22. just installed lastest nvidia driver, and get a new 3d vantage score. the physix driver bump cpu score up so much, it is insane.

    got P13566 3DMarks
  23. Spot on :) ... To be honest out of all this, it's how your games perform and not how good a synthetic score you can get. Most if not all games will run maxed 60+fps on your rig maybe even upto and beyond 1920x1200, so I personally wouldn't worry about Futuremark scores and start Frag'ing people :D.
  24. I had pushed my Q6600 to 3.6g, and scored 18234.

    I find something interesting. keep the FSB the same, but increase vcore will get a better score. ie, for the same 3.2g clock, same gtx280 setting, 1.5v vcore will get a higher score than 1.3v vcore score.
  25. liubros said:
    I had pushed my Q6600 to 3.6g, and scored 18234.

    I find something interesting. keep the FSB the same, but increase vcore will get a better score. ie, for the same 3.2g clock, same gtx280 setting, 1.5v vcore will get a higher score than 1.3v vcore score.

    I might be omfg-wrong, but I'd say it's due to electron leakage or just spreading.

  26. i think it is because we wanted the set vcore as low as possible when oc. so we are at the min. stable voltage setting. when running 3dmark, graphic card is seeking boosts from cpu, and cpu can use additional volts to get the boost.
    at a low vcore, cpu will tell gpu forget it, i have nothing to give. but at higher vcore, cpu can squeese some boost.
  27. you guys may not believe, but i find my 3.29g score lower than 3.2g score. i am quite surprised. then i go back and load the 3.2g bios setting and find i set vcore at 1.45v, lol i though it is below 1.3v. and my vcore for 3.29g is 1.325v
  28. closed_deal, are you running at that clock speed 24/7? or that's just for the benchmark? 1.496v Vcore seems to me very high.
  29. 4.4Ghz @ 1.496volts is my bench stable voltage. My board did suffer a terrible vdroop issue till i pencil modded the EPU so at the time of the screeny in the bios i was reading 1.55 volts. Plus my water rig can only just keep that clock speed at workable temperatures.

    I can be at 4.2/4.3 ghz 24/7 on 1.4vcore, but then i can't tighen my RAM timings as much as i'd like to. Past 4.2Ghz the voltage required to keep the CPU stable requires almost a whole 0.05 - 0.1 voltage highk.

    A lot of people shake their fingers at voltages over the 1.4ish mark, but in my personal opinion and bank balance i'll go as high as my watercooling can keep temps from shutting down the comp on stress :) . For Benches mind.

    To put my temp ranges in perspective at 4Ghz idle 32-35C then small FFT's max 55C absolute tops, normally around core 0 @ 50C core 1 @ 46C. Then at 4.4 Ghz small FFT 40C idle 75 at load. Thats a 25C temp difference with only an extra 0.13volts! My old 6000 was running at 1.6vcore at 3.5Ghz with temps not reaching 55C on AIR cooling thats a whole 0.3voltage difference with stock load temps at 48C!

    Having my dual gfx setup in the same loop as the cpu i thought i could get away with the temps with effectively a 480 rad setup. Unfortunately the GFX must heat up my ambient water temp even after passing through a 360 rad :(. Although the two cards never get over 45C.
  30. my mb has insane vdroop too. yesterday i was pushing 3.6g, and i set in bios 1.55v vcore, and in cpuz it gets 1.49v. i was like, ok, let it burn, 1.55v, lol.

    i need to get a water cool for my next rig for some serious oc. this one i am pretty much settled on 3.285g, 365x9 at 1.28v vcore in cpuz. getting it higher will need a lot of volts and a lot of heat.
  31. Depends on how serious you want to go when getting a watercooling loop. Coz it can cost an arm and a leg. I am gaming on this rig 70% of it's usage so i treated myself, you may just want a to get your Q6600 to 3.6ghz if you mobo supports that higher FSB :).

    Q6600 is fine with upto 1.55Vcore actual so don't worry about it to much, however there is always a risk.
  32. i am currently using rosewill-z4, apparently it is not the best heatsink. i have another though, the full size ninja, but i have to take the mb out to uninstall the rosewill. and i am worried maybe the ninja can't make to 3.6g stable. so i have not switched heatsink yet. what do you think. should i try put on the ninja? oh, what a pain. but i guess it is not as bad as switch a water block.
  33. The ninja should do a much better job of cooling that Q6600, though 3.2ghz isn't to be snuffed at :).

    If it were me :ange:, yes I'd pull everything out and fit the Ninja and prob try to improve on my cable management even further to give it the best chance to get all the airflow it req's.

    You'd most likely find it is equal to a low end water rig cooling wise, so unless you went for a good swiftech kit or a custom build similar to mine, you'd might not even get to 4.0ghz on water. Thats supposing you can tweak your mobo enough to hit 4Ghz :kaola:... lol
  34. ok, i will do that. the ninja use push-pin, i need to get a real long screwdriver to install it. let's hope i can get to 3.6 stable
  35. Tiz a challenge, but i'm sure you can get it to 3.6Ghz stable with a little persistence. You'll be able to tighten those RAM timing's with a 400FSB aswell :).
  36. I changed my heatsink to a Scythe Ninja SCNJ-2000, 12 heat pipe, huge heatsink. And it get me to 3.6g, sort of stable. I have not done stress test yet. I am worried about leaving it afk and it gets too hot. did 3dmark06, 3dmark vantage, max temperature is 68C. I ran prime for about 10 minutes and have not get error. So I guess it is close to stable if not sable already.

    Currently my setting are
    Vcore 1.55v (BIOS, CPUZ shows 1.48-1.50v)
    VTT 1.3v
    V Ram 2.0v
    SPP/NB 1.4v
    MCP/SB 1.525v
    HT 1.25v
    GTLref +100mv each lane
    FSB 1600, RAM 800
    Ram timing 5-5-5-15-2T (This is spec timing)

    I have not try step down Vcore yet. I went from 1.5 straight to 1.55
    In 1.5v setting, CPUz reads 1.44v, and it is not stable. Prime get erro within a minute.

    I am going to to full prime test later and see if I can lower Vcore a little bit. I seems I am getting it to work.

    What else should I look at? Should I increase Ram voltage to like 2.2v and try 4-4-4-12-1T?

    CPUZ validation:
    3Dmark06: 18243
    3Dmark Vantage 12653
  37. quad sli gx2 scores 21,000+ in Vantage

    Honestly these numbers mean absolutely nothing, if you can play the games you want properly, turn off fraps or w.e and just play it:).
  38. maybe you guys OC a lot, and are not very exited any more. i am quite new to OC. this is the first OC i have done. it is a lot of learning, and these results are like put what I have learned to a test. i guess i am still in the exciting period of getting to know new stuff.

    i used to think my 3dmark score are bottle throated by cpu. but it turned out somewhat differently. in 3dmark06, it is. there is big jump in scores as cpu go from 3.0 to 3.2, and to 3.6. in 3dmark advantage it is not, i have better score with 3.2g than 3.6g. check this out,
    13573 score at 3.2g
    12653 score at 3.6g

    i can't explain why, but in both test, the gtx280's setting are the same. in 3.6g there is higher CPU score, but graphic score is lower.
  39. i think 3dmark vantage can really show the difference between the GTX280 and the other setup.
  40. Hey you got some good scores in 3Dmark06 :D , have you overclocked the GFX card yet?

    your next line of sight after the stable CPU over clock is as you said, to get the RAM running at tighter timings. Try 4-4-4-12 at 2T first with a maximum overvoltage on the RAM of 0.2volts if it's req'd. 1T maybe pushing it, but if you can get there :sol:.
  41. my GTX 280 is MSI OC version 650 core clock,

    the MSI has some D.O.T (Dynamic Overclocking Technology) presents I can use. The highest setting is 715 core. I had tried to push it to 730 without success. I think I need a special cooler rather than stock cooler to OC.

    I am looking at this thermalright hr-03 gtx right now.

    My goal is to break 20k 3dmark06
  42. I've been trying for that 20k mark for a while just can't get my mobo stable at 500+ FSB with x9 multiplier with NB voltages almost maxxed :(.

    Have you tried ATItool/Rivatuner of summit simliar, you can manually set the fan speed to 100% to keep the temps down on the Bench runs :). <-- might not work on Vista 32/64. Can work sometimes mind...

    *Edit* Post when you get past my 19k2 and i'll have to play catchup with you :) it'll give me a challenge - lol.

    Aftermarket cooler might not be req'd if you just want the 20k benchable. Just saving you a few quid, tiz all.
  43. i am going to get more gtx280 to sli and beat your 19k2 easily :D.
    now i hit 3.6g, it is time to think of 4g, lol. i read some post about 4g with air, it is crazy, 1.6v vcore.

    do you know what is effecting sm3 scores? i looked at some other people's score, i beat some of them in sm2, but lose a lot in sm3
  44. ^hmm I doubt the extra 280 GTX will do much for you, for example 9800 GTX get around 13,000 and then with a second 1 get 15,000. THe only synthetic benchmark that really shows a difference would be Vantage.

    3Dmark06 is very CPU influenced, and the person withe higher CPU count will beat the person with the low CPU but High Graphics card.

    3.6 is a very good clock, with my 3Dmark Scores, I managed to get 19,536 with 1 GX2, while with the Second I actually didn't test it, I'm assuming its going to be around 21 or maybe 22 if I'm lucky:)
  45. my q9550 and 4870 score about 17700 in 3dmark06... i have my q9550 at 3.85 ghz...

    can't get the clocking higher because it takes well into the 1.3 volts to achieve stability... then loads are like 100 C lol
  46. oh, man, i get so close to beat your 19284
    i OC my Q6600 to 3.8g, 1.6v in BIOS, 1.54v Vcore, then I OC my GTX to 740Mhz core, 1300 Ram, and get a 19190

    it was so close. i tried to ran Q6600 higher, but I can't get it stable to fun 3dmark. i tried increase GTX to 742 core clock and it failed, neither can i increase ram clock.

    i might get a cheap E5200 and get it to 4g and try some more benchmark
  47. its because of the CPU clock, lol 3Dmark loves :)
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