Tcase higher than core temps?

With great interest I read

I have an interesting situation where tcase is reported as 10 to 15C higher than the core temps (Q9650). The difference stays more of less the same from idle to load.

Any idea on what would cause that type of difference?
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  1. I quote the guide: "Uncalibrated default temperatures are rarely accurate." :)
  2. Since heat rises I'd expect the TC measurement to be lower than the core temps at all times.

    Calibration issue, faulty sensor, something else?
  3. tcase is very very inacurate. So we don't use it.
  4. Yet the previously linked article uses it and that article is considered a must read?
  5. Quote:
    CoreTemp reports your cpu core temps, not TJ or TC, and thats all thats important. So why are you worried about that?

    Why do you keep saying this? Tj is core temperature.
  6. Make your case naked and get some good ventalation going see if that changes anything?
  7. bryanbee said:
    Make your case naked and get some good ventalation going see if that changes anything?

    Done...TC continues to be 10+ C above core temps. I'll reinstall the Ninja 2000 and see if that makes any difference.
  8. simply put a thermometer in your case and see the real temp.
  9. Why are you worried about ur Tcase temp, it is said to be highly inaccurate, you should only worry about some more guides to understand the concepts
  10. And you think Tjunction is accurate? Ha!
  11. I had the same problem with an Asus p5b motherboard. The solution was to enable PECI setting from BIOS. Not sure what kind of mb you have or if it has this setting (my current mb (a gigabyte) doesn't have it but it reads the temps fine by default)
  12. Looks like no PECI option in my bios. Does it go by another name? For the time being I'm ignoring the tcase temp and using core temps as the previous posters suggested.
  13. randomizer said:
    And you think Tjunction is accurate? Ha!

    "Ha!" did I say Tjunction is accurate? Someone failed grade 1 :)
    Have a problem understanding english, give me a call, I'll be your tutor :D
  14. No, did I say you said anything? Why are you telling him to worry about Tjunction if you don't think it's accurate? He's running out of sensors to go by...
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