HUGE PROBLEM i bought a PC and monitor not working!!

I have another graphics card put it, so i think the motherboard graphics card is disabled, but that has the only VGA cable and the the graphics card has only 1 port which is a DMS 59, my monitor doesn support this so is there a way to turn my motherboard graphics on??????
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  1. The only way to turn on your motherboard graphics is to change it in the BIOS when the PC turns on. Then remove the graphics card on your PC. **It should boot with the onboard graphics**.
  2. How can i use the BIOS with no display
  3. Lets start over? What kind of PC, video card (PCI-e, AGP)? If there is no display you are going to have to install a temporary video card possibly an old one from another pc until you can see the BIOS.
  4. Remove the card and try it. If it doesn't work, then leave the card out and manually default the BIOS using the pins on the mobo etc.
  5. Zorg makes a good point if you remove the card and default the bios it should reset it back to factory settings. Why didnt I think of that =(.
  6. Yeah, default not disable, :lol: I was in a hurry
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