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I have two hard drives in one computer my segate is the master and the western digital ide is the slave. When I go into my computer they both show up except the WD shows up in blue. When i disable the segate and just use the WD it comes up with no hard drive found. It does show up in the bios. It is running windows xp The xp crashed and I have no cd. looked in ie386 to find winnt.exe and there wasn't any. When I checked the Windows xp on the Segate it to had no winnt.exe anywhere Tested all cables and they are tight.Tried several disk checking tools.They found everything else but not the hard drive. Any tip or Suggestion would be appreciated Thank You In advance
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  1. When you disable the Western Digital do you change the jumpers on the Seagate to configure it to be the master?

    I believe the blue means that the disk is compressed. You might try uncompressing it to see if that makes any difference.
  2. Hello ijack

    Both hard drives are set to cable select Should this make any difference?
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