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Hi all,
I am currently building a server system and I need help with the Raid and set up of it. I have all new parts consisting of Supermiro tower/u4 chassis, Supermicro dual xeon server board and all necessary stuff with it. I have 4 2.5" 10K 320GB drives that are on an SAS backplane and are hot swap, I have two 500GB SATA and 4 250GB SATA drives on an SATA backplane and are also hot swap. I will be using this for database development and need to know the best way to set up. What drives should I use for OS, and so on as I have never doen this before. I would really appriciate some detail help on this.
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    Use both 500GB for the OS in RAID 1 array. And the others disk in RAID 5 array.
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