Core i7 920 O/C to 3.66GHZ

Hi All

Kindly can you assist me how to O/C my CPU to 3.66GHZ and maximise my ram settings and mb too (get the best performance from it)

Asus 2 Rampage extreme (Bios 1504)
Core I7 920 2.66
Kingston 1800 (O/C) running it at 1066 currently. Do you think I can run it higher safely since it was built to run faster?
2 Raid O Seagate drives 8mb
Xforce GTX 295
Noctua NH-U12P SE1366 for Intel LGA 1366
Thermaltake Spedo Case

I used the automatic AI suite to peak the pc and currently running 3.2GHZ with Standard stock cooler and ram at 1066. CPU Vol 1.25-1.28 Varies by itself.
Temp idle 40 and peak at 55-65.

Thank you very excited!!! :bounce:
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  1. I cant help you with overclocking it simply because i dont have i7 but I can tell you that your ram will work at 1800mhz and it may oc above it too.
  2. Here is a very Detail post on OverClocking Asus P6T series Mobo's by VIP Member Hiker on Asus Forums' that you should look at.

    Here is a excerpt of Post below.
    Overclocking Intel Core i7 processors


    Overclocking the Core i7 series of processors is not that different from what we know from overclocking of the Core 2 processors.

    With the Core i7 processors, all frequencies originate in a Base Clock (BCLK) with a default frequency of 133.33 MHz. From this base frequency, all other frequencies are derived by applying various multipliers.

    Note that the available BIOS settings/options vary among the ASUS 1366 motherboards.


    Easiest to overclock is the Core i7 965 Extreme Edition, due to its unlocked CPU multiplier. To overclock the CPU to e.g. 4 GHz, we simply need to raise the CPU multiplier (CPU Ratio) from default 24 (3.2 GHz) to 30 (4.0 GHz), while keeping BCLK at the default frequency, 133.33 MHz.

    To achieve the same overclock (4 GHz) on the models Core i7 920 and Core i7 940, the Base Clock frequency has to be increased, since their CPU multipliers are upwards locked at their highest option, 21 for i7 920 and 23 for i7 940. The change of BCLK means that all other clock frequencies are influenced (memory, Uncore and QPI).

    As an example, overclocking a Core i7 920 to 4 GHz, using the default CPU multiplier (20), would call for an increase of BCLK from default 133 (133.33) MHz to 200 MHz (4000 / 20 = 200 MHz). That is a serious overclock that will put stress on the processor chip, which besides the CPU cores also contains the IMC (Integrated Memory Controller), the Uncore (L3 cache) and QPI (Quick Path Interconnect). The memory frequency, the Uncore (UCLK) frequency and the QPI frequency have to be adjusted accordingly
    More at Link below.

  3. Hey Guys

    Was away for a few days and gonna give your suggestions a try...the only crap thing is that I updated to Bios 1504 and alot of the names and settings have changed...well trial and error!

    Thank you again!!!
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